Subject: The Formally Homeless James Is Back (Sort of!)

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Tue, 8 Jun 1999 03:29:36 -0500

Subject: The Formally Homeless James Is Back (Sort of!)
From: James D. Milton <>
Organization: Frontier GlobalCenter Inc.
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 20:41:36 GMT

Greetings and Splendiferous Salutations to everyone in SSDM and ASDM! ...

After having been kicked out of my residence over a month ago, I spent
some time in a homeless shelter. The less said the better about that
regrettable experience! :-(((

However being indigent and homeless does have some advantages. FYI I now
have received:

(1) HUD Supported Housing support for my single bedroom apartment.
    They pay for the rent plus utilities (except for telephone and
    Internet service).

(2) Food Stamps (actually it's a Texas Lone Star plastic card with a PIN

(3) The Lift (door-to-door bus service) free ride coupons

(4) Free meds, lab tests, and pdoc and psych visits

(5) Laundry allowance

(6) 70% discounts for my Primary Care Physician, Neurologist, Urologist,
    Rheumatologist, and Oncologist visits

To briefly fill you in on my continuing epic war with SSA ... I have
reapplied for Social Security (SSDI and SSI) benefits -- but at the rate
things are NOT progressing, I'll most likely be dead before I finally do
get approved. <G>

My latest computer challenge is to take two broken-down old computers and
combine the still functional components into a single operational system.
As you can tell by this post, I have finally at least partially
succeeded. (Although I have not yet gotten the CD-ROM drive and sound
board to cooperate.) <Sigh!!>

My mental health continues to be fairly stable (thanks to Effexor XR,
Neurontin, and Klonopin). But since the apartment complex I'm living in
does not allow pets, I sure do miss Dotti (my Dalmatian)!

My pain medication has recently been doubled -- so I am able to sleep
better and longer. However the pain continues to be an ever-present
unwelcome companion.

It's good to be back online! But unfortunately I'll never be able to
respond to all the hundreds of email messages I have received. My thanks
for your concern and support!

In case someone might be interested, here is my new address and current
phone number:

James D. Milton
5020 Fairbanks # 45
El Paso, TX 79924

Best regards to all from,