Nonprofit's sues HUD, military & Greater Kelly Development Corp.

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Mon, 7 Jun 1999 23:16:40 -0700 (PDT)

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FWD  San Antonio Express-News - Friday, May 7,1999


   A libel lawsuit against the San Antonio Express-News and several writers
filed last year by the head of Senior Resources, a small nonprofit that had
sought properties at Kelly AFB for homeless projects, has been dismissed.

   By granting summary judgment Thursday, State District Judge Andy Mireles
dismissed the suit filed in June 1998 by Patrick LaCombe and Senior

   Also named as defendants were Express-News writers Bill Hendricks,
Bonnie Pfister, Rick Casey and Patricia Konstam; KTSA Radio, Ricci Ware and
Trey Ware.

   "The newspaper had properly represented the activities and background of
Mr. LaCombe and Senior Resources," said Mark Cannan, the newspaper's
lawyer. "That should not have been subjected to a libel suit, and Judge
Mireles recognized that in his ruling."

   Still pending is a federal suit LaCombe filed against the secretaries of
the U.S. Housing and Urban Development, the secretaries of defense and the
Air Force and the Greater Kelly Development Corp.

   A federal judge in Washington ruled in May 1998 that GKDC had to rework
a plan for serving the homeless at Kelly AFB.

   A public hearing on the amended plan was held last December, after which
the plan was re-submitted to HUD and the Air Force for approval.

   Under the plan, four nonprofit organizations were promised 60,000 square
feet of storage space in an East Kelly warehouse; a 12-unit apartment
complex; and equipment and furnishings.

   LaCombe and Senior Resources aren't among organizations slated to get

   HUD must certify that the amended plan equalizes needs of the homeless
with those of economic development.


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