Fw: Upcoming Workshop in Participatory Development: July 26-31, 1999

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JULY 26-31, 1999
Ottawa, Canada

Join participants from all over the world for the upcoming Participatory
Development Workshop on PRA Methods.  Past participants have come from
Botswana, Jordan, Iran, Argentina, Nigeria, Jamaica, Haiti, Mali, the
United States, Sweden and Canada representing an array of organizations
such as: Alberta Grand Council of First Nations, UNICEF, UNFPA, African
Development Foundation, CIDA, The World Bank, SIDA, Christian's Children's
Fund, Peace Corps, Winrock International, World Vision, Johns Hopkins,
Michigan State University, UCLA, Queen's University and many more....

Past participants have said the following about the workshop:
"The workshop was packed with information and experiences and very well
thought out.  I found it quite easy to learn and internalize new tools."
"I can now connect the theory with the practice".
"The workshop was more than tools, it was an experience."

Mosaic.net International and the Praxis Group are organizing in Ottawa,
Canada a Six-Day
Workshop, June 26-31, 1999 on Participatory Development:  Concepts, Tools
and Application in PRA Methods that will enhance your awareness, knowledge
or skills in many of the following areas:

+ Using participation in project design and evaluation;

+ Increasing participation of different interest groups or stakeholders;

+ Learning & applying participation tools and community-based research
methods such as semi-structured interviewing, community mapping, gender
division of labour, institutional mapping, force-field analysis, seasonal
calendars, historical timelines, and more;

+ Organizational development and capacity-building for your organization;

+ Community development methods.

This workshop is based on a hands-on approach to participatory development
that can be applied in North America and overseas, in both urban and rural
community settings and with organizations.  You will be introduced to the
concepts and tools behind participatory development, also referred to as
"Participatory,Learning & Action" (PLA) and "Participatory Rural/Rapid
Appraisal" (PRA).

Two-day practice assignments in the community will enable you to master and
improve the tools and approaches to participation, to help you and/or your
organization interact more effectively with groups and/or the community.

The workshop is designed for international development practitioners, NGOs,
participatory action researchers and educators, policy, program and project
officers, and community activists.

The cost for the workshop is USD $615 or CAD $745 (+GST) which includes
workshop fees, a binder of tools and resource materials, snacks and coffee
breaks. Special discount travel fares and inexpensive accomodations makes
the workshop an excellent investment of your time and resources.

http://www.mosaic-net-intl.ca.  Please note that the June and July 19-24,
1999 workshops are fully subscribed.  We are organizing this additional
workshop due to popular demand.

OR, .... send us an email with your fax number at
workshop@mosaic-net-intl.ca and we will send you detailed information via
email, fax or regular mail.

Registration fills up quickly so please do not procrastinate. Full payment
of fees will secure your place.

Organized by: Mosaic.net International Inc., Ottawa, Canada and The Praxis
Groups two consulting firms that have a longstanding experience in
participatory methods and approaches.

Facilitators: Franoise Coupal and Helen Patterson.
Both facilitators have extensive experience in the theory and application
of participatory development and PRA having worked for  NGOs, the World
Bank and various United Nations agencies.

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