Renaissance City, and Martin Luther King

John Lionheart (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 11:52:20 -0700

"Renaissance City" is the name given to the Albany homeless-no-more
tract (under eviction notice come June 15th) by some of the residents there, 
because "Renaissance City" supposedly was the name of the homeless
project MLK was working on at the time of his death. We request more information re "MLK's Renaissance City" if anyone knows more. Our info is yet anecdotal (from Robert the Rabbit). 
What: a 78 acre wilderness area (an abandoned and  overgrown landfill) on SF Bay with (valuable and therefore coveted) views of SF and the GG bridge. Occupied by 50+ homeless-no-more living in tents/handmade homes, some for as long as 10 years or so.
Where: behind/north Golden Gate Fields racetrack out the peninsula jutting into the bay.
When: Formal eviction by the city of Albany, CA, come June 15th 1999
Until Then: Possible on-site "festival" or church building by SF Cacophony Society (re Burning Man)
Also: parties, other?
Request: The residents there want to keep a low profile. They are shy people, not activists, and hope a way can be found to allow them to stay on the land. There is a fragile truce until the 15th. Please respect their wishes in this regard if you want to be involved. 
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