RAINBOW RIDE SHARE Forum URL - Dates & Directions to Ridgeway, PA

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Sun, 6 Jun 1999 18:18:03 -0700 (PDT)

RAINBOW Dates: June 28 to July 10, 1999
Site:  Little Bear Creek, Allegany National Forest near Ridgeway, PA, USA
Directions: See end of post

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FWD # 1

Subject: Ride Share Forum
From: "Teri" <medteb@bright.net>
Date: 1999/06/01
Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow

Howdy Folks!  Just set up a fourth ride share board and the gateway site now
has general directions to the gathering.  You can access the new board as
well as the other three at:

Again, please email your responses privately if possible as the ride share
board fills up fast with only 250 posts to each board.  I will continue to
add new boards as the need arises....

FWD # 2

>From the North , Northeast & Northwest  Hwys.  90, 17, & 6 lead to US 219 south
to Ridgway.

>From the South, East & West take Interstate 80 to exit 18 and follow US 153
north.  At Penfield  take US 255  to St. Marys and take PA 120 west  to
Ridgway. Heavy, large vehicles PLEASE use this route.
Cars and small Vans only may use Interstate 80 to exit 16 and follow US 219 to
Warning:  US 219 North is steep, twisty and dangerous for large rigs - DO NOT
USE THIS ROUTE.  If you are checking a map for another route coming from the
south also avoid 949 north as it leads to Arroyo Road which has a narrow bridge
with a 3 Ton limit.

In Ridgway at the intersection of Main St. and Broad you will see a Sheets
Convenience Store on left go straight through 4 lights.  Site is approx. 9
miles.  Go up a steep hill and over a narrow bridge.  Speed limit is 30 mph.
You'll see a sign for Little Drummer, keep driving. There is a sign for ATV
Timberline Trailhead. Then at the intersection of Arroyo Rd and Spring Creek
Rd. make a right onto FS 136 (not marked, dirt road).  Go north 4.5 miles
towards Owls Nest.  Welcome Home!!!
Follow speed limits - 20 mph on dirt roads.

Come home safely, take care of each other along the way.  Make sure your
vehicles are safe and street legal.  Ignore all rumors of cancellation,
regardless of source.  If you cannot be with us in person on the 4th of July be
with us in spirit by joining in the silence.


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