RAINBOW FAMILY GATHERING: Rides, Planes & Buses near Ridgway, PA

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Sun, 6 Jun 1999 14:57:52 -0700 (PDT)

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Date: 1999/06/03
Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow

Many folks from far away places may find that flying will be the most efficient
way for them to get to the Gathering.   We have a wonderful site with lots of
fresh spring water and good swimming.  However, parking is of a premium so
carpooling and public transportation  are good options. Besides, car rental is


Airports to consider:
	The closest large airport is in Buffalo  about 2 and a half hours
from the
site.   Other major airports to consider include Pittsburgh (3 and a half hours
away) Toronto and Cleveland.   Smaller regional airports include Erie,
Jamestown and Bradford.  The Bradford airport is the closest to the site and is
less than an hour away.   To get to Bradford one would fly into Pittsburgh and
then take a commuter flight via US Airways.

Flight costs:   It is far more expensive to fly into the smaller airports at
Erie, Jamestown and Bradford.   I did do a computer check on costs comparing
the price of flying either into Pittsburgh or Buffalo. Although the price to
fly into Pittsburgh is generally cheaper, it depends on the market you are
flying out from.  There seems to be no reason to airlines costs.   For some
markets it is $100 cheaper to fly into Buffalo; for some markets it is the
other way around.   Compare rates via www.yahoo travel  and www.travelcity.


car rental is always an option--even at the smaller regional airports.  But
because of the expense and parking problems, it is suggested that other travel
options be explored.

Buffalo Airport:  You can get public transportation or taxi (about $15) from
the airport to the Greyhound bus terminal in downtown Buffalo There is a Hostel
downtown (667 Main st. / 716-852-5222) walking distance to bus station and
nightlife. There is one Fullington Trailways bus (company headquarters
in Penn - 814-765-7871) daily which goes through Ridgway.  Some ticket
computers don't show Ridgway, so ticket to Johnsonburg. which is 8 miles before
Ridgway and ask driver to let you out in Ridgway. The bus leaves Buffalo at
2:30 pm and will arrive in Ridgway at about 6 pm.   The returning bus to
Buffalo goes through Ridgway at a little after 9 am and gets to Buffalo at
12:55 pm.  If you want the bus to pick you up for a return ride to Buffalo, you
will need to make arrangements with the bus company.   Price of ticket: $23.80
one way and $45.25 for round trip.

.Toronto Airport (as in cheap flights from UK):  There is a shuttle service
available to downtown Buffalo (1.5 hours drive plus shuttle wait).   Follow
directions above.

Pittsburgh Airport:   There is public transportation (or taxi) from airport to
Greyhound bus terminal in downtown Pittsburgh.  The bus to Ridgway is same
route that goes to Buffalo (along route 219) and thus the instructions are
reversed.  You would tell the bus driver that you wanted to get out at Ridgway
which is 8 miles south of Johnsonburg.   The bus leaves downtown Pittsburgh at
5 am and arrives in Ridgway at a little after 9 am.  The return to Pittsburgh
leaves at 6 pm and gets to downtown Pittsburgh at 10:35 at night.  Price is $24
one way and $45.60 round trip.

We are presently exploring other options for transportation.  if we know ahead
of time, we could probably arrange to have a shuttle pick up folks in Ridgway
who are arriving via Greyhound.

We are also exploring having either local folks for other Rainbows do airport
shuttle runs.   If you are making your reservations within the next week,
please feel free to email me with you itinerary and Iíll see what I can work
out.   Since I am doing CALM, I will be in and out of Boston and Seed Camp
weekly.   I am trying to get a local 	PA net link so that I can stay on-line,
but I havenít manifested that yet.   So it is best to e-mail me your itinerary
prior to June 15.

There is also someone in the Warren area who is willing to make shuttle
arrangements.   Feel free to contact him or let us know within the next week.
If we have a enough folks coming into an airport at similar times, this also
may be the way to go.

Capacities of the vehicles are as follows:
Coach Bus: 47 passengers plus underneath luggage bays
School Bus: 48 passengers with underneath luggage bays
Van: 10 Passengers with limited luggage storage in rear

The following quotes are one way bus service to or from the airport to the
ANF in Warren County, prices are per bus, per trip and valid only till July
31, 99

Erie International Airport:

Coach  $400.00
School Bus  $320.00
Van  $280.00

Jamestown Regional Airport

Coach  $175.00
School Bus  $140.00
Van  $110.00

Buffalo International Airport

Coach  $550.00
School Bus  $460.00
Van  $350.00

Pittsburgh International Airport

Coach  $800.00
School Bus  $640.00
Van  $550.00

Please feel free to contact Steve at 814-723-8800 or fax at 814-723-3662
for any questions or to schedule any bus.  Buses may also be scheduled for
regular shuttles during your stay here.

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