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Subject: Frequently Asked Questions
From: boombdboom@aol.com (BoomBdBoom)
Date: 1999/06/06
Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow
Thanks to Rob and Dragonfly and everyone else who contributed to this


This is a bunch of info on Rainbow that I have found useful.  I send it out to
anyone asking for info on agr.

The National Gathering (USA) is held around the 4th of July, when we pray for
peace, every year.  The Gathering for 1999 will be in Pennsylvania.  No one
will know exactly where until June.   Please be aware that in the last few
years those who go early have been subject to police harrassment.

The best directions I have so far are:

  Still waiting for the Howdy Folks, but Spring Council consented today to
a site near Ridgeway, PA in Allegany National Forest where Otter creek and
Little Otter creek run into Bear Creek. The site is called Little Bear Creek,
and it's in the SE part of the forest. Bus Village is off of FS 135, with main
parking off of FS 129. There is also handicapped access nearer in.

  I should have better directions soon, but as far as I can tell, this is
not a rumor. I'll be adding maps to the web site tonight. Folks are now on
site and starting seed camp.

More info at:
1999 National Gathering P.O. Box
      Rainbow '99
      P.O. Box  3082
      Maple Glen
  PA 19002-8082
      LIGHTLINE:  215-309-0699

News and information about Rainbow can be found online in the following places:

several lightlines (see bellow)
http://www.homestead.com/rideshare/files/rideshare.html.  Ride share board

The unofficial home page

http://www.welcomehome.org/rainbow.html  has many wonderful things about
Rainbow, such as a couple of descriptions of Rainbow, a calendar of events,
links to other Rainbow web sites including international sites, and an archive
of everything ever posted to agr.
Mirror sites to try if you can't get through:

AGR aka alt.gathering.rainbow

This is a discussion group that can be reached through email subscription or
accessed as a regular newsgroup through usenet.  Items posted either way will
be viewable both ways.  Because of this you will need to check the address when
responding.  If the address is gathering@cygnus.com then what you write will be
posted to the group.

agr receives between 50 and 150 posts per day.  Items posted range from
announcements of local gatherings to heartsongs and poetry.  Come on in and
cozy up to our cybercampfire.  We  Love You!


send an email to gathering-request@conf.welcomehome.org The subject line can
say anything.  In the body of the message write "Subscribe gathering (your
email address)"


send an email to gathering-request@conf.welcomehome.org. The subject line can
say anything.  In the body of the message write "Unsubscribe gathering (same
email address you subscribed under)"

Website access

It is possible to see posting to agr (or any other usenet group) through the
website http://www.dejanews.com   Under newsgroup or "forum" type

To search agr you can go directly to http://www.dejanews.c/home-ps.shtml and
type alt.gathering.rainbow in the forum box.

The website www.remarq.com works much the same way.

The Frequently Asked Questions web page

This is a grea place to find the answers to your burning questions.  Things
like "Where is the Gathering"  "What is agr"  "What is the Rainbow Guide's
address" and "Is it OK to post this here?" are answered here.  It is much more
detailed than this letter.

The announcement only email list

When you subscribe to this list you will receive occasional email announcing
various rainbow events ranging from picnics or councils to directions to
Gatherings.  Anyone can post to this list, but posting non-topical material or
discussions will result in being automatically unsubscribed.

To subscribe to the announcement only Email list send an email like this:

Subj:	subscribe
To:	rainbow-announce-request@proliberty.com


Rainbow Light Lines

These are phone numbers you can use to find out what is happening (regionals,
potlucks etc) near you.  They are often just machine messages hosted by some
kind soul.  They don't have any more money than you do, and will not accept
long distance charges.

    * National  215-309-0699
    * Campa Tampa p.o. box 2995 Tampa, FL 33601 813-622-6533
    * B.A.R.F. Beautiful Alabama Rainbow Family (205) 699-9712)
    * Atlanta lightline  770 662-6112
    * Mid Atlantic Hotline 202 PYREMAL (Washington DC)
    * New England Rainbow Family NERF 800-994-8635
    * New York lightline 212 560-7111
    * New Jersey RBF        973 537-2965  ("leave a message")
    * Philadelphia LightLine (215) 552-8949
    * Ozarks <http://home.att.net/~s.duncan/welcome.html>
  * Missouri Rainbow Page.
   * OM Valley Rainbow 513 956-1675
       (Ohio-Miami region: so. OHIO, no. KENTUCKY, s.east INDIANA)
    * Great Lakes Rainbow (Ann Arbor MI) (734) 761-4243
    * Dallas Drum Hotline 214.823.DRUM  (for drumming circles)
   * Colorado Family  303-595-1077
    * SCROLL(so.cal.rbow)619-226-5797
   * Northwest Portland, OR at 503-727-2498

             www.welcomehome.org will keep updated Lightline numbers
   (and it's up to us to input change & additions to welcomehome.org)

This should get you started.  If you need more help, drop me a line

Montana Crystal

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