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Music is the soundtrack of the March of the Americas....

        Maybe you've heard about the March of the Americas and the
number of musicians who are plugging into it. Maybe you haven't. Either
here's the basic information you need to help music play its key role in
lifting humanity (including, of course, music industry folks and
up and out of poverty.

        Why is the March of the Americas happening? Because today there
three billion people living in poverty in the world, the majority of
children. That's up from two billion people in 1990.

        What is the March of the Americas? On October 1, 1999 poor
organizations from all across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America will
in Washington, D.C. for a thirty day walk to the United Nations in New
At the UN, there will be a tribunal that will charge the United States
government with violating the economic human rights of tens of millions
people. Testimonies from thousands of poor people of all ages and races
be part of the indictment. This testimony will become part of this
official United Nations report on poverty.

        Who will be marching? Although this is a movement to end poverty
by the poor themselves, this is a movement that embraces people from all
walks of life. There are teachers, musicians, photographers, lawyers,
homeless, filmmakers, railroad workers, poets, secretaries, welfare
senior citizens and kids involved. The door is wide open for everyone

        Who is involved musically? Thus far, Steve Earle, Wayne Kramer,
Jackson Browne have agreed to play during the March. Ani DiFranco and
Williams are passing out information at the shows on their current
While it's expected that many other well-known artists will be involved,
that's only one piece of the puzzle. The March will be an
cultural festival, with musicians and poets performing during the day as
March makes its way through five states over thirty days, performing at
rallies each night, and performing in bars and clubs in whatever city
March stops at each night. Artists known and unknown, signed and
will hook up with the March along the way--rappers, hard rock bands,
choirs, singer/songwriters--you name it.

        What can you do? Three things: 1) Spread the word about the
2) Talk to musicians you know and ask them to perform and/or pass out
information about the March  at their shows and/or send in a statement
support and/or send a song on tape that can be played during the March
Kensington Welfare Rights Union, attention: Tim Dowlin, PO Box 50678,
Philadelphia PA 19132). 3) Come out and march for a day. A special Music
is being organized for October 16 when the March passes through
Music people (artists, journalists, industry folks, fans) will make a
of marching on that day. But if that day doesn't work for you, just pick
another one.

        The ultimate goal of the March of the Americas is to end poverty
the United States and throughout the world. We hope you'll get involved.
more information about the musical aspects of the March, contact us at
Rock &
Rap Confidential (rockrap@aol.com, 310-398-4477,  P.O. Box 341305, Los
Angeles CA 90034).

         For more information on the March of the Americas and the
Human Rights Campaign that is organizing it, contact  the Kensington
Rights Union, PO Box 50678, Philadelphia PA 19132; 215-203-1945;

        Check out the KWRU's excellent web site at

Please forward this message far and wide....See you in October!
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