Albany Bulb update: June 4, 1999

John Lionheart (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 16:06:09 -0700

Subject: Albany Bulb "homeless-no-more" encampment. 
Reporter: R.E. Porter
Media Group:

Dateline: June 4, 1999; Albany Bulb, CA: 
Report: The mood of the residents on this abandoned landfill behind the Golden Gate Fields horse racetrack in the East SF Bay, under eviction notice come June 15th, only 11 days away, can be best described as Hopeful, with Nervous running a close second, a neck ahead of Courageous. Last night: windy. The temperature today: a balmy sunny 72'F. Recent photos and today's on-site report update can be found at the -Features- TREES section. Tomorrow: The Patron Saint of Lost Causes slated to visit. See:

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