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I wanted to notify you that we are still accepting nominations for
the Nonprofits' Policy and Technology Project Innovation Awards

The NPT Innovation Awards recognize organizational technology
strategies (at a minimum involving the Internet and related
technologies) that nonprofits have employed in public policy
activities. These strategies are evaluated on their ability to
demonstrate effectiveness, innovation, and lessons learned for other
nonprofits and the overall sector. The NPT Innovation Awards carry a
monetary prize ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

WeI can receive nominations until midnight Monday
June 7th by e-mail. Full guidelines are below for all interested parties:

Best wishes,

Ryan Turner
NPT Project Coordinator
OMB Watch

The 1999 Nonprofits' Policy and Technology Project
Innovation Awards

The NPT Innovation Awards recognize organizational technology
strategies (at a minimum involving the Internet) that nonprofits
have employed in public policy activities. These strategies are
evaluated on their ability to demonstrate effectiveness,
innovation, and lessons learned for other nonprofits and the
overall sector. The NPT Innovation Awards carry a monetary prize
ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

We welcome nominations on behalf of other organizations. Nominations
must be received NO LATER THAN: Monday, June 7, 1999 (end of the day)

The Nonprofits' Policy and Technology Project
Innovation Awards
1999 Information and Guidelines

All general inquiries should be directed to:

Ryan Turner
NPT Coordinator
(202) 234-8494

DEADLINE to Receive Nominations: Monday, June 7, 1999

The NPT Project
1999 Innovation Awards

The NPT Project Nonprofit Technology Innovation Awards
The Innovation Awards highlight nonprofit organizations
that demonstrate effectiveness, innovation, and lessons
learned through their implementation of technology in
public policy activities. The awards are designed to
acknowledge and support organizational technology
strategies and enhance new or existing public policy
activities. The NPT Project is greatly interested
in using the award winners to educate other
nonprofits about technology's potential as an
advocacy tool. The NPT Project's Innovation and
Awards Committee oversees the process of recognizing
successful models through monetary awards ranging from
$1,000 to $3,000 dollars, as well as other forms of

About the NPT Project

The NPT Project is a three-year initiative to educate the
nonprofit sector about using information technology for
effective public policy activities and civic participation.
The project, coordinated by OMB Watch, builds upon
two major factors -- the vital role of nonprofit
organizations in our  society and the growing use of
the Internet. By tapping the potential of these forces
through converging opportunities, the project seeks to
strengthen democracy, and build a healthier, more robust
civil society.

The NPT Project, which has completed its first year,
provides small Pilot Project Grants and Innovation Awards
to explore uses of technology for public policy purposes.
It is also exploring the use of electronic systems for
improving interactive public policy communications among
nonprofits. By the spring of 1999, the Project will
develop an online resource center to begin making such
information available to nonprofits.

1999 Nomination Guidelines

DEADLINE to receive Nominations: Monday, June 7, 1999

All nominations must be sent via e-mail to:
<> with the following
subject line: <NPT AWARDS>


The Awards Program is open to any local, state,
regional, national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or
coalition engaged in some form of public policy work.
International organizations with significant domestic
focus to their public policy activities are also
encouraged to apply.

Nominations should describe a unique or successful
use of technology to address a public policy issue,
and how others could use the same approach.

Nomination Criteria

Nominated organizations must demonstrate how information
technologies can be beneficial in the public policy context.
Particular attention will be given to those projects that
serve as models for helping other nonprofits use newer
information technology.

Additional consideration will be given to nominations that
provide a discussion of lessons learned along the way,
and the effect of technology on the organization and its
ability to carry out its mission.

Honest descriptions of unsuccessful efforts, as well as
problems and barriers encountered, and the organization's
responses to those obstacles are greatly encouraged as
long as the lessons learned were useful, instructive and

The reviewing committee is interested in diversity of
issue areas, strategies, and technology tools used.
Organizations demonstrating scalable models that can be
replicated and/or built upon by other groups are strongly
encouraged to apply.

Projects will be judged as both a means of organizing
communities and constituencies as well as for their impact
on public policy outcomes.

The NPT Project has a special interest in projects that have
found ways to significantly engage disadvantaged populations
and communities in the development and implementation
of the project.

Nominations Checklist

Organizations interested in applying for recognition,
or nominating other organizations, must submit the following
items below via e-mail.

Project Summary

1. Your organization name and contact information

2. A brief description of the nominated organization and
   contact information (if different from above)

3. Public Policy area(s) under which this project operates
   (list all that apply):

   Public Education
   Research Access to Research and Information
   Administrative Advocacy
   Judicial Advocacy
   Legislative Advocacy & Lobbying
   Organizing and Mobilizing
   Public Private Collaborations
   Voter Education & Participation
   Other (please specify)

4. Executive Summary of Project (100 words maximum)

5. Project Narrative (maximum 1,000 words) should include
   each of the following:

   a. Description of public policy project including
      technology tools used.

   b. The project's effectiveness and tangible outcomes.

   c. How the organization considers its technology strategy
      "innovative" in terms of the organization, other
      related organizations, and/or the nonprofit sector
      as a whole.

   d. A discussion of the lessons learned and future plans.

   e. A brief project budget and notes on sources of funding.

6. Confirmation of statement authorizing reuse of project
   information: "I/We authorize OMB Watch to use, for the
   purposes of promotion of and education about the
   Nonprofits and Technology Project, all information directly
   related to this project, including the amount awarded."

If nominating another organization, please obtain all required
information from them before submitting nominations.

Due to the expected volume of inquiries, we cannot provide
specific comments on individual nominations.

1998 Nonprofit Technology
Innovation Awards

Grand Prize: Bethphage (Omaha, NE), created an effective
organizing and tracking mechanism to provide
community-based services for persons with developmental
disabilities in 14 states, England and Latvia.

Other Awards Winners:

Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental
Health Law (Washington, DC)
developed a broad-based coalition through a private
listserv for action alerts and web-based reports to
successfully defeat legislation that would weaken
federal fair housing laws for people with
disabilities and at-risk children.

Libraries for the Future (New York, NY)
through the Access for All coalition engaged
citizens and nonprofits in telecommunication
issues by using cable television and the
Internet as effective two-way communication
tools for advocacy.(

Roger Baldwin Foundation of ACLU, (Chicago, IL),
through the ACLU of Illinois' Legislative
ACTIONetwork, integrates monitoring state
capital legislative activity with listserv
action bulletins, email, and web-based
in-depth materials, sample letters, and
elected official contact information to
mobilize constituents in urban and rural areas
throughout the state. (

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (San Francisco, CA)
developed a sophisticated suite of online tools --
email, chat, listservs and web-based autofax --
to coordinate volunteer recruitment, mobilization
efforts, and policy contacts. (

TVW (Olympia, WA), a statewide nonprofit
television network, is the first organization in the
world to provide live and on-demand audio/video
records of state agency, legislative and judiciary
deliberations on the Internet. (

Utility Consumers' Action Network (UCAN) (San Diego, CA),
uses its "Lowest Gasoline Price Website" as a
cost-effective way to post consumer information while
engaging citizens in community-based consumer research.
The project has developed additional advocacy components
around gasoline pricing investigations, gasoline corporate
mergers, and state regulations effecting both.

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