Chocolate shortage expected in 2000

H. C. Covington at I CAN America (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 15:19:30 -0500

HPN Family Alert *** Chocolate shortage expected in 2000 ***


LEWISTON, Maine - If you have any leftover chocolate Easter eggs or bunnies, you
might want to freeze them for next year. Some experts are predicting a chocolate
shortage for the spring of 2000.

A fungus is to blame for the dark side of chocolate. It's attacking cocoa trees.
Roger Allan of Mary's Candy in Lewiston, Maine, says the industry is well aware
of the problem, even if we're not. A possible shortage of chocolate could be a
pain in the sweet tooth and the wallet.

       The Chocolate Manufacturers Association says we'll never run out of
chocolate - but the sweet stuff could cost you more this time next year

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