Fw: Invitations/Opportunities/Challenges

H. C. Covington at I CAN America (icanamerica@email.msn.com)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:30:25 -0500

Dear Friends --

Item A:  Finding the "Gold"

Here's one simple way to test whether you've found the Internet's best
sources of information pertaining to your main area(s) of professional
and/or programmatic interest:

1.  Decide which search terms best characterize your areas of interest.
Sometimes its necessary to play with these a little, and try different
combinations.  Often you may get zero results from a term or phrase, but
thousands of "hits" after you change or modify it slightly.

2.  Try an *Infoseek* search for the term(s) in question.  For any term
consisting of more than a single word, enclose it in quotation marks, e.g.:
"low-income housing."

3.  From the hits produced by each search, do a subsearch (i.e.: "search
within these results"),  using the term: "best practices."

In the example used above, Infoseek gave 13,800+ hits for "low-income
housing" -- which was then reduced to 37 hits after a subsearch using the
modifier "best practices."

If you try this process with terms of greatest relevance to your own needs
& interests, and discover some neat new websites, please share them with
the rest of your List-Mates.

(NOTE:  If you don't find any "best practices" pertaining to your priority
topics, try thinking of this as a challenge for yourself and your agency to
lead the way in developing such information and putting it on the 'Net !!)