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Thu, 3 Jun 1999 14:19:00 -0400 (EDT)

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Welcome to Cyberpark
Indeed, there is Bond Act of 96 and EProt. Fund monies available, but w/
restrictions OF course.
Applicants must be government agencies, "public benefit corporations", or
non-prof's w/ an ownership interest in the property, so not just any
individual community group can directly apply.  Projects less than $50K will
be preferred, as will new applicants or those who haven't received funds
since 95 or before.
Also, projects that provide new access to resources, or improve limited
access will be favored, as will projects that re-use/dev. already PUBLIC land
without need for acquisition of "private" land, I guess.  Also, if you can
find a regional/local plan existent to tie into, refer to, you'll be MUCH,
MUCH better off and if the enviro. project will better a low-income, city
area, all THE BETTER.  Additionally, if you can throw in a PIER or abut an
ESPLANADE you'll be sitting prettier in the state parks office (NYSOPRHP)

Also, remember that if your project does NOT involve water, only consider
applying for EPF (disregard BOND ACT) funds!

I encourage any group interested who thinks they might qualify to go to the
Public Info. Mtg. on the process for applying for funds
Wed. June 9th (NEXT WEEK) from 1-4pm.
Queens Atrium Center
5th Floor Conference Room
30-30 Thompson Ave.
Long Island City, NY
Contact:  Rob Lieblein (718) 482-4949  FOR MORE INFO (other than what's below
which is pretty much everything :)

The following topics will be presented CONCURRENTLY by state agency
administrators, so it's impossible to go to ALL of them--thus, many folks
should show up, go to diff. sessions, and then share/compile/post the info.
obtained, if at all possible!!!!

Availability Session Topics:

clean air for schools
clean & drinking water state revolving fund (two)
SEQR (enviro permits)
municipal landfill closure, waste reduc, recycling
water quality improvement

Wkshop Topics:

historic pres & heritage areas
local waterfront revitilization
muni & non-profit parks
Hudson River Estuary grants
HudRiv Valley Greenway

Hope this helps!
Also, don't forget---back in fed. ct tomorrow---500 Pearl St. 4:30 for a
status conference w/ J. Schwartz.

Dana Hanaman
Summer Legal Clerk, NYCEJA


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