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Dear John:

Thanks for you note.  We have been on the HPN since it started about 18 months
ago, but I have not been posting much in the past three months due to problems
here in Louisiana.  The course in miracles has a broad following in this country
since 1983 and there are several "versions" now being taught by teachers that
have had visions or experiences that they claim are independent spiritual
events.  So, it depends whose version or teaching you have seen and whether we
have been exposed to that version too.

There are many of us that have a burden to help others through our creative
ability.  The Internet has now made that possible and it has given us an
*outlet* for our passion, our missions and our lives in connecting with others
with the same needs.  For many of us, the HPN listserve is an actual *Life Line*
as we go through our individual attempts to restore our own lives and hopefully,
along the way, encourage others in their individual journey.

I have visited your web site recently and found several items of great interest.
Keep up the good work and keep sharing the *being* that you are with all the
rest of us as we all go about *doing* the work that keeps us sane too.

As long as we link arm in arm, we can keep each other from falling away.  As we
link heart to heart, we can learn to care and love again when that is the very
thing we my have been most afraid of.  Having a chance to meet several members
of the HPN family have given me the ability to regain some parts of me that were
damaged back in the 70's and to share more openly than the world believes is
wisdom for any of us.

Here in Louisiana, a local paper tried to destroy my work for the past 12 years
and labeled me the *Apostle of the Hopeless*, meaning that I also was a hopeless
case of humanity.  The articles were so viscous that even some of the people who
knew the lies published and the purpose of the articles backed away from me for
a season (I am fighting a local government for a Federal Courthouse to be used
for the Homeless and when I would not back down, the battles began.  Here in
Louisiana when they can not deny the message, they try to destroy the
messengers.  Three Executive Directors have now been removed from Homeless
Agencies that expressed interest in the Federal Building!).

So what does the HPN family do?  They gather around you and tell you "It's going
to be OK"  and no, it doesn't hurt any less, but we become real comfort for each
other.  I do not know how I would have survived the past two years without my
family here on the net and the two family reunions we have had in Louisiana and
again in Washington last month.

So how do I thank each of them?  By being here when they too are facing the heat
of battle.  Together, we can overcome.  Alone, we all fell and arose as wounded
healers for others.  As a "Lionheart" John,  I am glad that you have joined us.
The poetry and other items you bring will help many of us.

Welcome to the family.  Be blessed my brother.


H. C. Covington @  I CAN! America
The Rural Resource Collaborative
P.O. Drawer 3444, Lafayette, LA 70502
Voice 1-318-781-0216

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Hello, My name is John Lionheart. I live in California. I see you are from
Louisiana, one of my favorite states. I also see you are a new poster to HPN and
I like your posts. I keep pushing a web site I'm working on: and a
concept PEOPLE ARE TREES TOO!  I'd like to converse with you about things, about
why we do this. I can't for the life of me figure out what in the world I hope
to gain from all the effort I put into helping the homeless, other than avoid
that fate (I am periodically a bum myself). Anyway, this post of yours "Rules
for Living" is very much like the teachings of "A Course in Miracles" - do you
know it? I'm a dabbler in it, a couple of my best friends teach it, and its
precepts do influence my work. Thanks for being you:-) and hope you respond.
Later, John

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