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A Book about a Homeless Community in the Woods

Written as a series of short chapters, author Jim Lewallen chronicles the
events of one year when he chanced upon a group of homeless men living in a
tract of woods they called, The Camp.  A lesson in hopefulness for homeless
and housed people everywhere.

The Camp chronicles Jim's year of regular evening visits with the men and
his journey across the artificial barrier which separated him, and
separates all of us, from the world of homelessness.

Retold are the events which took place that year, from an introduction to
the day-to-day lives of the men Jim came to know as friends to the eventual
demise of their home in the woods.  Along the way are self-described
accounts of the men's backgrounds and wanderings, descriptions of Camp
visitors who came and went, and other sometimes funny, oftentimes tragic
incidents and revelations shared with the author.

The Camp.
182 pp. Soft cover, '98;
published by the National Coalition for
the Homeless, $12.00 plus $3.00 for S & H.

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