County's Plan To Regulate Shelter - stakes & stakeholders? [CA,

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Tue, 1 Jun 1999 20:29:18 -0700 (PDT)

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Can anyone update the story below?
What are the stakes here?
Who are the stakeholders?
What's the best outcome for homeless people?
FWD  San Francisco Chronicle - May 19, 1999


Contra Costa County officials want more control over a shelter that
has been home for battered homeless women and children at its Willow
Pass Road compound for 13 years without proper permits.

County planner Maureen Toms outlined possible conditions for the
shelter's permit approval in a memorandum yesterday to Love-A-Child
Ministries' community advisory committee. The committee met briefly
to discuss the list but took no action. Members will meet again in
several weeks with Love-A-Child executive director Jerome Knott
before deciding whether the requirements are acceptable.

Toms suggested that the committee require Knott to secure his
nonprofit status with the state, get a business license and limit
occupancy at the shelter to 48 women and children. She also
recommended that clients be required to submit to periodic drug
screening tests and participate in a rehabilitation program.

Rudy Jaime, a member of the Love-A-Child board of directors, said
yesterday that he will encourage Knott to comply with the county's

``We need to follow the county and . . . do whatever needs to take
place for the children,'' Jaime said.

Jaime said he will meet with Knott later this week.


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