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Dear Friends,

I'm sending you an urgent alert denouncing human rights violations against
rural workers in Brazil.

Please distribute this information. Thank you very much.


For contacts in Brazil, please call Maisa Mendon┴a (Global Exchange) at:
415-2557296 x. 243.

April 24, 1999

Violence against Brazilian landless workers in the state of Parana has
intensified in the last few days, with 41 cases of arrests, torture and
death treats. The military police is surrounding the area and hundreds of
family farmers have been expelled from their homes.

On March 29, 1999, Eduardo Anguinoni was killed in the state of Parana.
Eduardo was the brother of the MST regional director in Parana, Celso
Anguinoni. Both, Celso and Eduardo, were at Celso's house when a number of
gunmen arrived and killed Eduardo. This was not an isolated case. Several
MST leaders have been suffering repression in Parana.

On April 5, 1999, the MST regional coordinator in Parana, Seno Staat, was
kidnapped and tortured for five hours. The ten kidnappers referred to the
killing of Eduardo Anguinoni and made it clear that the next target was
going to be his brother, Celso. A number of other MST leaders have been
receiving death treats in Parana, including Jaime Calegari, Ademir Dalazen,
Antonio Arrepiado, Claimar, Jairo Zatta, Delfino Becker, Pedro Cabral, and
Julir das Chagas Martins.

Due to the increasing economic crisis and high unemployment rates, rural
workers organizations have intensified land occupations in Brazil. In the
last two years, the number of families living in rural camps increased by
10,000. They are waiting for the government to desapropriate the idle
pieces of land they have occupied, as it is mandated by the Brazilian

In addition to the recent assassination, there have been several cases of
human rights violations against rural workers who have been expelled from
rural camps. The MST has accused the state government, the military police
and the large land owners association (UDR) for the violence. The UDR has
announced it will start using land mines as a weapon against rural workers.

The MST has been constantly denouncing this violence to the state
government, the local police as well to the Human Rights Commission in
Congress. In addition to disregarding these claims, the government of
Parana has not investigated the killings or any other human rights

We ask our friends in Brazil and abroad to launch an international campaign
against this violence, asking the Brazilian government to:
1. Stop violence against rural workers and investigate human rights
violations in the countryside;
2. guarantee the protection of MST leaders and farm workers;
3. implement agrarian reform in Brazil.

Please send letters to:

1. Governor Jaime Lerner
Pra┴a Nossa Senhora da Salete, s/n  CEP 80.530-909,
Curitiba, Parana, Brasil.
Fax: (011- 55 -41) 2542399

2. Presidente da Republica Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Palacio do Planalto: CEP 70.150-900, Brasilia, DF, Brazil

3. Ministro da Justi┴a Renan Calheiros
Esplanada dos Ministerios, Bloco T, 4 andar, CEP 70064-900, Brasilia, DF,
Fax: ( 011- 55- 61) 322 6817 / 224 4784

Please send copies of your letters to:
MST, Human Rights Department
Alameda Barao de Limeira, 1232, CEP 01201-002,
Sôo Paulo/SP, Brazil

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