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"To live dangerously is to live
in the Borderland, where desire,
justice and love meet."
                    Henry Giroux

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     The State is the organized authority, domination, and power of
     the possessing classes over the masses, the most flagrant,
     the most cynical, and the most complete negation of humanity. 

     It shatters the universal solidarity of all men on the
     earth, and brings some of them into association only for the
     purpose of destroying, conquering, and  enslaving  all the rest.

     This flagrant negation of humanity which constitutes the very
     essence of the State is, from the standpoint of the State, its
     supreme duty and its greatest virtue. Thus, to offend, to oppress,
     to despoil, to plunder, to assassinate or enslave one's fellowman
     is ordinarily regarded as a crime. 

     In public life, on the other hand, from the standpoint of
     patriotism,  when  these things are done for the greater glory of
     the State, for the preservation or the extension of its power, it
     is all transformed into duty and virtue. 

     This explains why the entire history of ancient and modern states is
     merely a series  of  revolting  crimes;  why kings and ministers,
     past and present,  of  all times and all countries---statesmen,
     diplomats, bureaucrats,  and  warriors---if  judged  from  the
     standpoint of simply  morality  and  human  justice, have a hundred,
     a thousand times over earned their sentence to hard labor or to the
     There is no horror, no cruelty, sacrilege, or perjury, no imposture,
     no infamous transaction, no cynical robbery, no bold plunder or 
     betrayal that has not been or is not daily being perpetrated by the
     representatives of the states, under no other pretext than those
     elastic words, so convenient and yet so terrible: ``for reasons
     of state.''

     ---Michael Bakunin, Federalism, Socialism, Anti-Theologism,
     found  in  Noam  Chomsky,  For Reasons of State, Pantheon,