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Tom Boland <> forwared:
>FWD  June 22, 1988 - Philadelphia Daily News - Opinion
>Philadelphia's new, euphemistically titled "quality of life" ordinance
>demonstrates that tolerance for the homeless is at a low ebb.
>Never mind that most of them are women and children; rather than ease 
>plight, we'd like the "street people" to just disappear.
>While aggressive and abusive panhandling should be stopped, prohibiting
>sitting or lying on city sidewalks is a desperate attempt to sweep
>homelessness out of sight and out of mind.
>Desperate -- and destined to fail.

Tedrico's Response --> I wholeheartedly agree! This is a desperate 
attempt that over the years and over many cities, has repeatedly failed! 
I always thought that in order to prevent history from repeating itself, 
you simply analyze the results of the past from the actions of the past 
and find what was not done and try that next in hopes of getting the 
desired results! If these attepmts to sweep the homeless under the rug 
and out of the public's eye persist, one might expect an increase in 
riots, rebellions, and confilicts with law enforcement.

>But "Our Way Home: A Blueprint to End Homelessness in Philadelphia," 
>it can be done. The "blueprint" calls for coordinated and sustained 
outreach to steer the
>homeless to shelters and assistance programs to address addiction, 
>illness and illiteracy; a tracking system to integrate and coordinate
>services and prevent recidivism; designing and funding shelter,
>transitional and permanent affordable housing options to fit individual
>needs; strengthening job-readiness and training options; development of
>more entry-level jobs and affordable, quality child care.

Tedrico's Response --> It sounds good on paper (so do all drawn-up 
propsals nowadays) but are state, local, and federal governement really 
prepared to put forth such effort in the area of homelessness, when they 
won't even assert an effort to keep out Nation's leader's name out of 
the slandering market and media carnival! In other countries, one would 
be shot or beheaded for any words spoken against their presiding leader!

>In a preliminary audit of city services to the homeless, City 
>Jonathan Saidel has found poor record-keeping and chronic failure: Up 
to 65
>percent of those in shelters leave only to return in two years.
>It's time to muster the will and the resources to change that.

Tedrico's Response --> I must not have been a part of that percentage 
when I was homeless, because usually when I left one shelter, by night 
fall I was in another .. forget about waiting 2 years. Speaking from 
personal experience, I've found that most of them (the homeless) come 
back to the shelter because they prefered not having to worry about 
paying bills, and keeping the refrigerator stocked with food, and if I 
may boldly add, not having to worry about anything cutting into their 
"get high" and "get drunk" money, for those many homeless out there who 
became that way due to chemical dependancy! NUFF SAID!


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