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>Tom, are these folks affiliated with TV Nation?  I don't recognize the
Morning Tom B.
No all of the people I listed are leaders in the disability rights
movement. Hm, let me expand cause this may a portion of homelessness than
you may not be that familiar with.

If you aquire one of the 'approved' disabilities (basically anything
other than a psychiatric one). Be that at birth or due to illness or
trauma much of the social safety net works to herd you into institutional
care. The more profound your mobility disability is the faster this
ratchets into place. Um, it also depends on which state you live in. By
way of example TN (where ADAPT protested this May) spends almost 96% of
it's long term care dollars on  institutional care.

The sort answer is this is simply too expensive, dehumanizing and lethal.
A person with a spinal cord injury that causes quadriplegia survives an
average of 10 months in institutional care and 10 years in their own

The other fragment of staffing this sort of home-care are exactly the
people being displaced and crushed by welfare reform. Them welfare moms
and downsized folks are the people who work as direct care workers. PCA's
(personal care attendants) to use our specialized jargon. In many cases
this system provides not only housing for a disabled person but for a PCA
as well.

Long term dollars spent in the USA be they from private insurers,
personal assets, or medicaid-medicare dollars is fast approaching 50
billion per year. So it is no wonder that institutional care providers
have bullied their way to the front of the long term buffet.

If creative ways to both grant a measure of independence and to cap these
costs are not found, then rationing ploy's like physician assisted
suicide will become inevitable.

People that watched desinstitutionalisation happen (like me) fully expect
that other annoying and expensive minorities like psychiatric survivors
or street people will be on the fast track too, to a lethal injection.

You have already commented on public figures like mayor Julliani pass
ordnance after ordinance to sweep this human flotsam (his appraisal) of
working poor and homeless folks off his streets. The next step is a nice
tidy final solution.

Lest what I say seem too shrill, The official position of the Hemlock
Society of working for ONLY the 'right' of people with a terminal illness
to be able to receive physician assisted suicide, is undermined by their
funding from HMO's. and their press releases endorsing the forced
euthanasia of all kinds of people with disabilities. The Hemlock Society
has applauded and sought financial assistance for people like tracy
Latimer's dad (he put his daughter down by carbon monoxide poisoning) and
Jack Kevorkian's butchery-of-the-week club.

My short take is if this comes to pass, and we gimps strike out on this,
you mat be next.

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