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Thomas Cagle (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 12:54:45 -0400

>I am an old hippie from the 60s. Yup. I went to the original Woodstock.
>other things too, like college. :-)  They were great times and not only
>it fun, but we helped people too. I had a friend living with her
>She was pregnant and he didn't really take care of her. He was violent
>neglectful. So sometimes I fed her or took her out of the house. In the
>that all worked out, but it is the things in the middle that open doors
>happy endings. If they don't happen, the endings might not be happy. 
>Much time has passed since and now I am in difficulty. I am in an
>marriage and need to get out. I have totally been out of touch with the
>material world, mostly raising children and being a wife. (Kids are gone
>now.) Doing spiritual stuff too, not fanaticism but from India. I am a
>lacto-vegetarian and live in the country. I do not regret any of my
****Big Snip****
>Do you have any connections which you may know of that can help me? I
>drive, but can hop a bus. :) It seems you must know of something, with
>the cool things you are doing. Thank you for your times. 
Good Morning SarinaX,
I'm an old hippy who did NOT go to Woodstock, partly due to the fact that
I expected crazy old Nelson R to shoot alla us. But that is another
story, and water long passed under the bridge.

What I would like you to consider is to take those principals of ahimsa
and put them to work as a personal care assistant. Disabled people need
assistance doing everyday things like bathing, transferring in and out of
bed, shopping, cooking and the like.

Many PCA's live-in, i e stay at the home of their employer. As a first
step I might look up the web page of (EKA) Evan Kemp Associates and ask
for Janine. I expect if you can make a good impression with her (Evan's
widow) that she might be able to tell you leads that you might never be
aware of in the greater DC area.

Some of the upside of all of this, if you really nervous of being taken
advantage of. This should provide a safe job not all that different from
child care.

Some of the downside to this sort of job. You will be in close physical
contact with the people you assist. Too often disabled people live in
virtual social vacuum's. Also it is somewhat unlikely that your dietary
preferences will be identical to the PWD you work with.

You can reasonably expect that your arrest and conviction rap-sheet will
be asked for. Making claims that are contradicted by that will be grounds
for termination. Your forthrightness in this area is advised. Prior
convictions do not necessarily preclude this sort of employment, fibbing
about it does.

I have low mobility due to multiple sclerosis. I still share an apartment
with a man with developmental disabilities. In the past I worked with the
most violent and 'dangerous' men with this diagnosis. Now I live with
them. The principles of gentle teaching, ahimsa if you will still stand
me in good stead.

I can not make to want to take on my sort of burden. However you already
have many of the prerequisite skills, and much of the philosophy at your

I hope I have given you an option that may assist your and another's

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