A sister needs help

peace through reason (prop1@prop1.org)
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 07:42:53 -0400

Is there anyone who can help this sister striving to break free of a
difficult situation?  

et in dc  

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I am an old hippie from the 60s. Yup. I went to the original Woodstock. Did
other things too, like college. :-)  They were great times and not only was
it fun, but we helped people too. I had a friend living with her boyfriend.
She was pregnant and he didn't really take care of her. He was violent or
neglectful. So sometimes I fed her or took her out of the house. In the end
that all worked out, but it is the things in the middle that open doors to
happy endings. If they don't happen, the endings might not be happy. 

Much time has passed since and now I am in difficulty. I am in an abusive
marriage and need to get out. I have totally been out of touch with the
material world, mostly raising children and being a wife. (Kids are gone
now.) Doing spiritual stuff too, not fanaticism but from India. I am a
lacto-vegetarian and live in the country. I do not regret any of my
choices. This could have all been wonderful if I was married to a different
person, but it turned out bad cuz I am with this one. So, I am looking for
a room and a job, or any (respectable) way to get out. I can not take a job
that goes against
vegetarianism and am not looking for a room where I can be taken advantage
of. If someone sincerely wants to help, please e-mail me. I could turn you
onto spiritual things, only if you want, and vege recipees. I am straight,
grow herbs but not cannabis. I grow healing herbs and use them. I chant and
meditate daily, say mantras and send out a newsletter. I am similar to a
Hindu, though not exactly the same. Have a really cool alter and if anyone
is interested in learning about this stuff I would be happy to come there and
teach it, if it is a safe place for me. Or, if you just know of a place I
can go. Please, don't suggest a shelter. I heard the women there are as
violent as the men they leave, and that they steal. I am looking for
peaceful, honest, loving people. So if you can find it in your heart, and
really have a place I can feel comfortable in, where I can get back on my
own two feet again, I would thank you ever so much. Wish I could offer
more. Maybe you rent out rooms, own a motel, know someone who lives in a
cool place, like an ashrama, etc. Maybe you hire people for something? Or
know someone who does. 

I am looking for somewhere that is not out in the boonies, but where I can
get employment, though after being away from the material world for so long
I am not sure what I can do. However, I am intelligent and I'm sure I can
do something. I can be trained in a career. 

Do you have any connections which you may know of that can help me? I don't
drive, but can hop a bus. :) It seems you must know of something, with all
the cool things you are doing. Thank you for your times. 

e-mail SarinaX@aol.com

From: SarinaX@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 08:01:01 EDT
To: prop1@prop1.org

Dear Ellen,

<<  Do you mind if I send your message to other activists who are friends
of ours, both in D.C. and around the country?    >>

Thank you ever so much. Yes, that is a good idea and ok with me. Go ahead
and send my message to others. Maybe someone will know of a way to get me
out of here. 



Please reply directly to SarinaX at SarinaX@aol.com