The Nuclear Crisis: A Window of Opportunity

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Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:40:24 -0400

<center>Congress Can Help Defuse the Nuclear Bomb

by signing on to HR-827 AND U.S. House Resolution # 479

</center>  With India and Pakistan testing recently, there is a window of
opportunity where we might actually be listened to while Congress ponders
how to respond.  




   WORLD CITIZENS (this means EVERYBODY): Letter-writing is urgently
needed on behalf of both :

<paraindent><param>left</param>HR-827, "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic
Conversion Act," now stuck in Comittees for the fourth year
(, introduced three times since 1994 by
U.S. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton,



<paraindent><param>left</param>U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey's June 18, 1998
Resolution #479, which urges the President to initiate multilateral
negotiations leading to the conclusion of a nuclear weapons convention. 
(This is what India recently and not-so-recently has asked for.)


  PLEASE ASK the House "National Security" and "International Relations"
Committees to release HR-827 -- the "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic
Conversion Act" so that all Representatives may decide its fate.  Please
tell these Committees that it is undemocratic to withhold this important
legislation from their colleagues, and they should send it, unedited, to
the House floor immediately for discussion and vote.  (To write your
Representative: c/o U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515,
USA - Congressional switchboard 202-225-3121.)

  This is a window of opportunity that may close soon.  Please don't
neglect writing NOW.

  Copies of letters appreciated.


Ellen Thomas


POB 27217, Washington DC 20038 

202-462-0757 -- email:

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The Hon. __________________________

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington DC 20515

Dear Representative _________________

I ask you please to actively co-sponsor Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes
Norton's "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act," which was
re-introduced on February 25, 1997 as HR-827.

In pertinent part, the proposed Act requires that: "The United States
Government ... shall disable and dismantle all its nuclear weapons and
refrain from replacing them at any time with any weapons of mass
destruction ... and shall redirect resources that are currently being
used for nuclear weapons programs to use .. in converting all nuclear
weapons industry employees ... and programs ... to constructive,
ecologically beneficial peacetime activities ... addressing human needs
such as housing, health care, education, agriculture, and environmental
restoration.  This Act shall take effect when the President certifies to
the Congress that all foreign countries possessing nuclear weapons have
established legal requirements comparable... and those requirements have
taken effect."

This legislation is a timely vehicle by which Congress can signal its
intent to abide by Article 6 of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 
With the recent revelations by retired generals and admirals that nuclear
weapons are unsafe, unnecessary, and insane -- with the World Court
decision that nuclear weapons could and should be illegal -- with the
growing global pressure for abolition of nuclear weapons - with
constituents everywhere still looking for the "Peace Dividend," this
bill's time has come.

A professional poll of 1006 people by Lake Sosin Snell & Associates,
released April 3, 1997, and endorsed by Rep. Elizabeth Furse (D-OR),
shows that the vast majority of the American public would feel safer in a
world in which no country, including the United States, has nuclear
weapons.  All ages, religions, political parties, sexes, races had
similar responses. It's time for Congress to catch up.

You will find that the bill is in the best interest of all  constituents,
since domestically it marks for conversion and cleanup those funds
formerly needed to produce and deploy nuclear weapons.  Since it goes
into  effect when ALL countries possessing nuclear weapons join the U.S.
in nuclear disarmament and conversion of their war machines, it offers
very little security risk and a great deal of good public relations ...
particularly with India and Pakistan first testing, and then calling for
a U.N. convention to ban nuclear weapons worldwide.  

Good news in that regard:  on Thursday June 18, Representative Lynn
Woolsey introduced House Resolution 479, cosponsored by Filner, Stark,
Towns, McGovern, Furse, Slaughter, Kennedy (Mass.), Hinchey, Oliver,
Faleomavaega, Norton, Lofgren, Sanders, Owens and Frank (Mass.), urging
the President to initiate multilateral negotiations leading to the
conclusion of a nuclear weapons convention.  Rep. Woolsey is seeking
further cosponsors. Please sign on to both these bills. 

For a copy of the resolution please contact Mark Dooley, Office of Lynn
Woolsey Phone 202 225 5161.  Please advise me that you have added your
name to the list of active co-sponsors of this very important




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