Re: proposed group project: TV Nation show on homelessness

Tom Boland (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 01:13:56 -0700 (PDT)

Gwen: wrote:
>>Do any of you guys know about Michael Moore?
>>Is anyone interested in submitting ideas for the new TV Nation he will be
>>producing? We could recieve 700 bucks for each accepted idea....

Yes, Gwen!  Let's brainstorm more about this.  It's good that TV Nation
will be airing again, after a two year hiatus.  More info below.

Tom Cagle replied:
>Hows about a big chunk of any of the places VR (voc-Rehab) or homecare
>dollars are spent. I'm not sure you can find all that much humor in it
>all. But it's damn sure over the top.
>People you could talk to: Diane Coleman, Bob Kafka, Cassie James to name
>just a few.

Tom, are these folks affiliated with TV Nation?  I don't recognize the names.

Also, I forward you all the info below on TV Nation and Michael Moore.--Tom B
from Lycos "Top 5%" web page reviews

Michael "Roger and Me" Moore's show "TV Nation" was sort of a cross between
David Letterman and "60 Minutes" with the perspective of Mother Jones
magazine. It was probably that latter quality that doomed it. The show is
now in limbo after a summer replacement run on Fox (it started in 1994 on
           The (Unofficial) TV Nation WWW Page

TV Nation appeared twice as a summer replacement series, broadcast in the U.S.
on NBC in 1994, and on the FOX Network in 1995. The show was a co-winner of
the Emmy award in 1995 for "Best Informational Series". Despite its popularity
and critical acclaim, or perhaps because of it, neither network chose to
renew the show for a full season series.

The June 19, 1996 edition of the official TV Nation e-mail
newsletter reports :
       " . . .All TV Nation episodes from both the NBC
       and the FOX seasons will be shown this fall (in
       the U.S.) on Comedy Central. . . . ."
       and ". . . Michael has spent the last three months
       writing a book entitled "Downsize This!: Random
       Threats From an Unarmed American." The book is
       published by Crown/Random House and is due out in
       September. . . . ."
       and " . . . We are still negotiating to make TV
       Nation episodes available on video. . . ."
Michael Moore launched his film work with Roger & Me in 1989. Although
snubbed by the Academy Awards, it went on to become the highest-grossing
documentary in film history. The story takes place in Moore's hometown of
Flint, Michigan and
deals with the devastation wrought by GM when it decided to cut back
production in that town

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