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Thomas Cagle (
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 10:01:45 -0400

Do any of you guys know about Michael Moore?
I get his newsletter and this just recieved this latest missive in my
email this afternoon. 
Is anyone interested in submitting ideas for the new TV Nation he will be
producing? We could recieve 700 bucks for each accepted idea and as
individuals or as a group and it's also a great opportunity for poor and
homeless people to have a voice. Hell, I'd do it for free.
What do you'all think? What or who do you think we could goof on?

Affectionately,            Stupid Gwen

Michael Moore Newsletter #8


Dear friends --

Here's the good news I've been wanting to give
you for the past two years...

This Monday, we begin production on a new
season of TV NATION!

Would you like to be involved in the show? If
you have any ideas for a TV Nation-type story,
please e-mail them to me at
If you've seen the show, you know what we are
looking for -- something with humor and politics,
something that you normally think would not make
it on TV.  From trying to buy the missile in Russia
that was pointed at my hometown to taking
Dr. Kevorkian on a picnic to disrupting a Klan rally
with a mariachi band singing love songs, we are
in search of those people, places or events in your
area that you think deserve a visit from TV Nation.

Some of our best pieces on the show came from
fans, like the one where we held a "Corp-Aid"
benefit concert in the middle of Wall Street to
help "needy" corporations.  And, we pay for
these ideas.  If we use your idea, and you are
the first person to send it to us, we will send
you a check for $700 and give you a credit
on the show.

So, take a look around your town (or anywhere
else in the rest of the world), and, even if you
can't come up with the darkly comic twist to it
(we have a crack writing staff who can do that),
jot it down here and send it off to me this

Send me your ideas -- !

Michael Moore

Hm, Morning Mike,
Hows about a big chunk of any of the places VR (voc-Rehab) or homecare
dollars are spent. I'm not sure you can find all that much humor in it
all. But it's damn sure over the top.

People you could talk to: Diane Coleman, Bob Kafka, Cassie James to name
just a few.

Have fun and let the heads roll where they may.
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Tom Cagle
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