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by Chris Crass of San Francisco FOOD NOT BOMBS

   While the policies and programs that criminalize poor people throughout
California and the USA expand; the resistance to these actions grows. As
transnational corporate power increases its profit margins while trampling
on human rights; international resistance against corporate domination and
greed intensifies. With violence and militarism continuing to threaten our
communities, people are organizing to confront power inequities and build
non-violent and cooperative alternatives. Social movements around the
planet are organizing, taking action and putting forward alternative
visions of healthy societies. One of those social movements is FOOD NOT
BOMBS, and as those who profit from poverty are well organized, we must be
as well.

   During the weekend of July 10th to the 12th, 1998, the " Food Not Bombs
Western Regional Gathering: Organizing for Radical Social Change " will be
taking place in San Francisco. The gathering will be an opportunity for
activists who are engaged in similar work in their respective communities
to share information, learn skills and develop strategies to further the
struggle to end poverty and build a cooperative society. The Western
Region has been defined as anything west of the Rocky Mountains - and it
is hoped that the Gathering will bring activists from all around North

   This will be the Third FNB ( Food Not Bombs ) gathering in San
Francisco. The first was held during the " 500 Years of Resistance "
protests in 1992. The second was a two week long gathering that was held
during the United Nations 50th Anniversary in 1995 and focused on
protesting the human rights violations committed against poor people
and political prisoners in the USA. This gathering will focus on the
development of FNB as a movement. As FNB organizer Sadie Sabot wrote in
the SLINGSHOT newspaper, " During this gathering we will be looking
inward, concentrating on networking with each other, sharing experiences
and skills, learning new skills together, discussing the politics of FNB
and how to relate it to the larger social justice struggle, and above all
- building and celebrating the FNB movement. "

   We will have workshops and discussion groups on topics such as
community organizing, cooking skills, food recovery, coalition building,
composting and gardening, developing news media skills, legal issues and
FNB repression, how to organize nationally and internationally, reclaiming
public space and resisting class and race based segregation, and FNB
solidarity work with other organizations, campaigns and struggles. This
will be of particular importance in terms of how we are able to respond to
repression and harassment in different cities. In California alone, FNB
groups in San Diego, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Whittier, Arcata, Sacramento,
Fresno, San Francisco, Berkeley and Palo Alto have had to face various
forms of police harassment, court injunctions, and had to defend public
parks as open spaces for all people.

   On Saturday night, July 11th, 1998, from 6 PM to 10 PM, we are inviting
the San Francisco Bay Area activist/ radical community (that means YOU !!)
to the ANARCHIST COFFEE HOUSE that will feature among other things a
" No-Talent Show " and a vegetarian dinner with desserts. A more detailed
announcement about the ANARCHIST COFFEE HOUSE will follow this press
release . The event will be a benefit for FNB and we will be asking for a
$ 5.00 donation. Everyone who is interested should attend. The festivities
will be held at 225 Potrero Avenue.

   We are also planning activities for Monday the 13th and Tuesday the
14th. On Monday, East Bay FNB ( Oakland-Berkeley FNB )  will be inviting
people to go on a historical tour of the East Bay and enjoy fabulous food
in People's Park in Berkeley. For additional information, please contact
East Bay FNB at 1-510-644-4187.

   On Tuesday, July 14th, Bastille Day, there will be a protest to reclaim
public space and demand economic and political rights for all people. The
protest will be held in San francisco's United Nations Plaza which is
located near Market and 7th Streets. The protest is deamnding the right to
freedom of assembly and to organize in public spaces. Homeless and poor
people and FNB groups in various parts of North America have been forced
out of or harassed for being in public spaces and parks. This protest is
also being held in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations
UDHR ( Universal Declaration of Human Rights ), and in protest of the
United States Government's refusal to ratify the International Convenant
on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that guarantees housing, food and
clothing to all people as originally outlined in the UDHR. We invite other
activists, other groups and all other concerned individuals to join us in
our effort to reclaim public space and assert our rights to organize,
build community, and develope movements for social justice.

   As with the day-to-day work that we do, we hope that this gathering
will further the possibilities for a non-violent and egalitarian society
that knows neither rich nor poor, homeless nor landlord.

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