Re: Can you *believe* this guy? (AGGGHHH!!!)

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On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Liberty wrote:

> Graeme,
> At 08:44 PM 14/06/1998 -0400, Graeme Bacque wrote:
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> >The three year period since the election of the Mike Harris regime in
> >Ontario has seen an escalating situation of misery and hardship being
> >imposed on the more vulnerable residents of this province. Now in the 
> >last year of his current mandate Harris appears to be shifting into 
> >social-control mode as he attempts to push the inevitable consequences of
> >his policies out of the public eye through crackdowns on homeless persons,
> >social assistance recipients, psychiatric survivors and other vulnerable
> >people who have already experienced more hurt than any human should have to. 
> What may appear to be crackdowns on vulnerable people is actually the very
> beginning of a government that is finally becoming accountable, and not
> just handing out money to every special interest group that comes along.
> Sometimes a tough love approach is what is needed for some people, even
> though I agree with you, that forcing more people into psych institutions
> is not the answer to this very complex problem either.
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and denial is a river in Egypt!

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