Mayor gets tough

Anitra Again (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 17:52:43 -0700 (PDT)

SHARE/WHEEL met this afternoon with Tom Byers and Theresa Fujiwara of
the Seattle Mayor's office, and Alan Painter of DSHS.  The offer from
the Mayor's office was to work with SHARE/WHEEL to open a 50-bed
shelter in the Municipal Building next week -- but we have to take
the tents down in return.  They insist that the Beacon Hill site must
be cleared.

Tom Byers states repeatedly that the time and effort it will take to
site legal encampments is better spent on developing more shelter and

The members of Tent City 2 are meeting tonight to decide their
response.  SHARE as a whole will meet tomorrow.

Just from me: Tom Byers is a nice man, but he is not a brave one.  He
is afraid that if he gives us an encampment he will be flamed by the
rest of the public.  I think we should prove to him that if he
*doesn't* give us an encampment he's going to catch a whole lot worse.
The problem is that our detractors are more vocal than our supporters,
giving the Mayor's office a skewed view of public opinion.

If you have any local Seattle contacts, please urge them to drown the
Mayor's office in letters, phone calls and email.  

Anitra L. Freeman
SHARE Tent City 2