Re: Can you *believe* this guy? (AGGGHHH!!!)

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Wed, 17 Jun 1998 23:20:07 -0400


At 05:08 PM 14/06/1998 -0700, Sandy Andrews wrote:

>Hey! Let's play nicely please. I think this was a joke, Gwen, right? Well, 

Gwen hasn't said anything intelligent in response to any of my posts since
she first started replying to them several months ago.

>I enjoy reading and thinking about Libby's ideas though I usually disagree.
>She puts a lot of thought into her posts. Mostly, though, she has found a 
>valid way for *some* to overcome homelessness, right? What can we learn 
>from her experience? 

I think I tend to speak from an experiential, though realistic, point of
view.  I am not of the opinion that more government money will pull people
out of poverty, it will just lead to greater inflation and the relative
difference between wealth and poverty will really not be much different.

>Floaters can't afford to give much. But what we do is to give 
>participants the tools with which they can make a place for themselves. 
>This reminds me of what Libby suggests!

People need to be given the tools and the skills they need to take care
of themselves, and if anybody does that, I tend to support that approach,
but I've found with most nonprofit and government agencies, this is not
the case - as long as you remain dependent on them, you are guaranteeing
them a job for life.  It is so funny that everybody seems to make money
off the poor people, except the poor people themselves, and yes - I 
include advocates, service providers, unions, medical people, etc.

>Now, we tend also to give them a chance to see that the reason they don't 
>fit into the system is not their fault but the system's, and I don't think 
>Libby would agree there.  All the same I admire her.

I wouldn't necessarily discount that view.  I just don't support the view
that people who have been through these kinds of experiences should have
to adopt a radical leftist, socialist approach in order to fit into the
environment of their so-called advocates.

I think this is exactly the problem I had with the socialist gov't in
Ontario and their approach to health care reform, pouring all the money
into special interests before serving the general population, who usually
end up dying in the emergency wards anyways.