Who's pushing the broom in the homeless sweeps?

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 05:20:56 -0700 (PDT)

Graeme forwarded us a news article about "TORONTO: Initial debate on
anti-begging bylaw (1)". It read, in part:

>Housing and welfare policies of senior levels of governments have plunged
>Toronto into an emergency situation, said Aprille Rhomer of the Ontario
>Coalition Against Poverty.
>If council passes a bylaw that bans begging near bus stops, liquor stores,
>subway and bank entrances, at traffic lights, after sunset or while sitting
>or lying on a sidewalk or in a park, poverty activists will retaliate.
>``We'll follow tourists everywhere. We'll block sidewalks. We will be
>aggressive about our demands and keep it up till you lose every tourist
>dollar. We'll shut down every tourist attraction in this area.''

OCAP is on to something here, Graeme.  Hit the poor-bashers in the
pocketbook (where their conscience lies)!

Thanks for keeping us updated - and for taking action to stop such
incursions on our civil liberties.

Philadelphia City Council decides today about it's proposed "sidewalk
behavior" ordinance.  Sadly, it will probably pass by an overwhelming
majority of its 17 Council members.  If so, this will further embolden the
business associations who are pushing such laws

Who's pushing the broom in the homeless sweeps?

We need to research, name and _protest_ those associations and the think
tanks that advance their "ban the bums" agenda.  Where shall we start?  How
shall we proceed?

For Making Change magazine, I plan to write a well researched article about
who is pushing these assaults on homeless people's rights.  Please help by
posting to HPN (or sending me) any information you discover about the
groups behind the tide of anti-homeless laws.

Seeking peaceful means to homelsss people's aims.--Tom Boland

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