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Leslie Schentag (wy497@victoria.tc.ca)
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This just came in my inbox..
It deals with the making of vaccines for young children
Here it also gets into genetically altered foods and the use of for
administering the vaccines..within the food itself.
Just think about the implications of that practice
as always.
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This sounds good, but it could be something more sinister. Like what else
is in the vaccine? Besides, I was taught that most vaccines taken orally
are destroyed by the gastric acid, and digestive enzymes. Polio live
virus is an exception. It usually just causes stomach "flu." I really
doubt that you can immunize for a non-gastrointestinal virus by oral
vaccine. Something stinks here, IMHO.


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>Biotech Cos. Making Sci-Fi Vaccines
>.c The Associated Press
>NEW YORK (AP) - Biotechnology companies are closing in on new ways to
>vaccinate - with a glass of transgenic milk for malaria, a banana for
>hepatitis, even Star Trek-like nasal sprays and ``gene guns.''
>This sci-fi innovation promises not only to ease the 15 vaccine shots 
>average child gets by age 4, but to lower production costs and allow
>protection against diseases that conventional vaccines simply can't 
>``Vaccines will be more than just dead pathogens injected in your 
>Gregory Milman, pathogenesis chief at the National Institute of 
>Allergy and
>Infectious Diseases, said Monday.
>Most are still in early development, he cautioned. But companies 
>backed by
>millions of dollars in new National Institutes of Health funding are
>developing everything from edible vaccines to vaccines made of disease 
>simply shot through people's skin cells with needleless hyposprays. 
>very exciting technology,'' Milman said.
>Aviron Inc. will ask the Food and Drug Administration later this year 
>approve the first of these novel vaccines, a nasal-spray flu vaccine 
>children, who are the main spreaders of influenza. Aviron is 
>testing in adults, and reports that FluMist is more than 90 percent 
>It doesn't just take the ouch out of flu shots. Injections only 
>antibodies against flu in patients' bloodstreams, while a nasal spray 
>a powerful but different reaction - mucosal immunity - inside the nose 
>influenza strikes, Aviron President J. Leighton Read told some 4,000
>scientists and companies at the biotechnology industry's annual 
>meeting here.
>``Someday we may be able to deliver all vaccines via mucosal 
>surfaces'' like
>the nose or gastrointestinal tract, said Dr. Myron Levine of the 
>University of
>Maryland, who is helping develop what he calls ``vaccine cuisine.''
>Plants can be genetically engineered to grow with an antigen against 
>disease inside them. The idea: Eat the plant and be vaccinated. The 
>just won legitimacy when the first human experiment showed people who 
>ate raw
>potatoes with a diarrheal vaccine showed a protective immune response.
>Raw potatoes aren't exactly appetizing, and any raw produce will rot 
>enough people can be vaccinated, said Iain Cubitt of Britain-based 
>Genetics PLC.
>But California researchers recently discovered they could cook 
>potatoes grown
>with cholera antigen without destroying the medicinal spuds. Now Axis 
>working on vaccines against diarrhea and hepatitis B that it foresees 
>in preserved foods like pureed bananas for babies, dried tomatoes or 
>chips. That way, doctors can carefully control the vaccine dose, 
>Cubitt said.
>Growing complex antigens inside living creatures can be far simpler 
>synthesizing them in huge factories, said Harry Meade of Genzyme 
>which breeds goats and cows with special genes so they produce drugs 
>in their
>Now the company is working with NIH to milk a malaria vaccine. 
>think a protein called MSP-1 is vital for malaria protection but until 
>couldn't synthetically produce enough to test. Genzyme essentially 
>built a
>gene that produced the protein, bred mice with that gene, and found 
>the mice
>secreted the protein in their milk. If it proves effective, goats 
>would be
>bred to produce the vaccine, Meade said.
>``Our goal is to use transgenic dairy animals as bioreactors,'' he 
>People might one day actually drink vaccine milk, some experts 
>predicted, but
>Meade said the animals make a cheap factory, too - pulling vaccine 
>out of transgenic milk could cost a fraction of conventional vaccine
>But the newest technology would let the human body manufacture its own
>vaccine. Called DNA vaccines, scientists would inject people with 
>small DNA
>fragments from a disease. Somehow, body cells absorb this DNA and let 
>manufacture the protein needed for immune protection. So far, it has 
>mostly in animals, cautioned Dr. Margaret Liu of Chiron Corp., but a 
>of early attempts against the AIDS virus found people show signs of an 
>response. Some HIV vaccines are in Phase II testing, and companies are 
>DNA vaccines against flu, hepatitis and herpes.
>Companies hope to use Star Trek-like hyposprays as ``gene guns'' to 
>send DNA
>vaccines through skin pores without a needle. One company is creating 
>helium-driven gun that promises to drive DNA particles into the skin 
>than the speed of sound.
>``We have a lot of work to do,'' Liu stressed. But if it works, simply 
>DNA ``would let us target diseases ... that today are unconquered.''
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