Letter from a Disgruntled Father

Leslie Schentag (wy497@victoria.tc.ca)
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 00:43:29 -0700 (PDT)

 The following letter was given to me by a friend of mine that is a father
in crisis. His child was abducted by his wife, who then fled to Alberta.
Only to be tracked down and served with divorce papers and a custody
hearing. My friend is a poor person that applied for and recieved legal
aid in Alberta. Once the paperwork for the divorce and custody hearing was
started the spouse again abducted the child and fled this time to
Saskatchewan. Upon learning this the Legal Services Society of Alberta cut
off the funding for his divorce saying that "it was now out of the
jurisdiction of the province and he was no longer entitled to legal aid.
 He can back to B.C. and tried pusuing it from here as a case of child
abduction, but he has been continually stonewalled and told there is
nothing he can do about seeking a divorce and custody of his child, by the
Ministry of Children.
   The man is at the end of his rope and about to go ballistic..

He has one question.!!!


Dear (insert appropiate name here)
   So you are considering a move to Canada, to B.C. Now Bud, I have
described to you how I have lived in this beautiful country and it must
seem like paradise to you, but there are other things you should know.

   Canada is five thousand miles wide but less than three hundred deep.
Farther north than that and the land is unihabitable for you and your
family. Our cities are becoming overpopulated and arable land becomes less
every year.

    Our law have changed dramatically over the last few years. Your wife
or daughter can be beaten and raped and the criminal may only serve a
short time in a very comfortable prison. Criminals under the age of 18 are
protected by the Young Offenders Act and may rape, steal and kill with
little fear. The lash and the death sentence have been done away with.Our
streets and our homes are not safe. You may not shoot an intruder.

   Homosexuality is now socially acceptable among the young and we may
soon have lesbian and homosexual teachers to explain it as mormal to the

    Your daughter may decide to have sex at thirteen and you are powerless
to stop her. She will be provided with contraceptives, counselling, an
abortion and protection from you if requested Your permission will not be
necessary or your opinion asked.

    Your son may perform illegal acts, defy you, disrupt your life and you
cannot raise a hand or even your voice.

    Your wife mat commit adultery and you can do one thing only. Divorce
her! Nothing else!

    She may use verbal abuse to an intolerable degree. Divorce! Nothing

    Anything that may be interpreted as violence, (yelling, pointing,
throwing things) may cause your spouse or the kids to press three buttons
on the phone. Strong armed men will come. You will be handcuffed, your
story ignored. You will spend enough time in a cell for your wife to clean
out the house, the bank account and place seizures on all other assets.

    If she stays in the house you may not be allowed back in. You will be
penniless and on the street.

    If she leaves the government will place her in a home, feed her and
the children, clothe them, protect them. You will not be notified. She
will receive free legal advice. You will not be aware of where she and the
kids are. Nobody will tell you.

    All your weapons will be seized.

    The woman is usually given custody of the children. Even the worst of
women! She will be given fifty percent of all your assets. If you do not
have the cash to pay her out, the home, business, car, furniture, boat,
lawnmower etc. will be seized and sold by the courts and you will pay the
costs of that. She will get fifty percent of all moneys that was there
when she left including RRSP's and pensions. You will then pay the keep of
the kids at so much a month. If you do not pay this for ANY reason,
maintenance enforcement will seize paychecks of any kind made out to you.
You will make these even while she is your wife and is living with another
man who will be sleeping with her, sitting on your furniture, playing with
your kids and eating the food you provide. He may also be getting welfare
checks paid for by your tax dollars.

    The courts may also order you to stay a certain distance from her and
the children. Inside that distance the handcuffs are waiting.

    You may be required to report to a probation officer. Female, and she
will not be sympathetic or wish to hear your story.

    There are no transition houses for men, no help groups and acts of
violence by women are rarely taken into account.

    Some men have become so enraged by this injustice, so hurt by thjis
"pay back time, boys" attitude, that they have done terrible things,
killing their entire family and them themselves with guns, bombs, swords
or weapons of any kind.

     So think well before you come to my beautiful B.C. as a married man
and remember that these laws apply even if you are NOT married to the
woman who lives with youand her children who are NOT yours.

    If you need comfirmation of these facts I will gladly send you free
books and pamphlets that the government supplies to women and children so
that they may be informed of the actions they can take.

					Yours Truly

					A very disgruntled father