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Jubilee Campaign's Parliamentary Officer, speaking recently at the
United Nations HQ in Geneva called for a Special Rapporteur - a
monitor who can investigate allegations and issue reports - to protect
Street Children, who are now believed to number an estimated one
hundred million world-wide.

Speaking at the UN's 54th Session of the Committee on Human Rights,
Wilfred Wong stated: "In countries such as Brazil and Guatemala,
Street Children are murdered because they are regarded as no more than
vermin - and this practice remains largely unchallenged by effective
law enforcement. Thousands of Street Children have been murdered in
Brazil alone during the past decade, many killed by police officers
who see this as no more than a form of 'social cleansing'. Reform of
the police in Brazil is urgently needed. In Guatemala, four police
officers convicted of kicking a Street Child to death in 1990 were
released after serving only about half of their twelve year sentence
for murder."

Wilfred Wong also drew the UN's attention to the thousands of children
who are forced into prostitution each year. "Many trafficked for the
purposes of sexual slavery - yet relatively little is done to bring
those responsible for justice." He went on to point out that there was
evidence of police collusion in the trade both on the borders of Nepal
and India, and into Thailand, which receives children trafficked from
southern China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Laos, and called for
various measures to be taken to stop the trade. "Close attention must
be paid to the corrupt police and officials: specialist police units
should be set up to investigate the sexual exploitation of children:
there should be improved information-sharing between law enforcement
agencies in tourist-sending and tourist-receiving countries, and
governments urgently need to re-examine their sentencing policies
regarding convicted child molesters - as well as introducing measures
to reduce the trauma which child victims have to endure during the
legal process when the alleged child molesters are tried."


JUBILEE CAMPAIGN is the Secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary
Group on Street Children which aims to raise the awareness of
children's rights and issues in Parliament.

JUBILEE CAMPAIGN has foregone charitable status in order to lobby
without restriction. Resisting the financial benefits that charitable
status brings, JUBILEE CAMPAIGN remains unhampered by the law
preventing charities from lobbying and continue to campaign for
long-term change.

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