Re: Can you *believe* this guy? (AGGGHHH!!!)

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Sun, 14 Jun 1998 20:44:47 -0400

At 08:14 PM 6/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey! Let's play nicely please. I think this was a joke, Gwen, right? Well, 
>my kids say I don't have much of a sense of humor, so just in case 
>someone ready your post the wrong way, I want to say a bit here.

Personally I find it extremely difficult to 'play nice' when I see people
being systematiclly hurt by a set of totally self-serving social policies,
or to feel especially tolerant of individuals who, having been clearly
informed of the consequences of such policies, continue to endorse and
defend them.

The three year period since the election of the Mike Harris regime in
Ontario has seen an escalating situation of misery and hardship being
imposed on the more vulnerable residents of this province. Now in the last
year of his current mandate Harris appears to be shifting into
social-control mode as he attempts to push the inevitable consequences of
his policies out of the public eye through crackdowns on homeless persons,
social assistance recipients, psychiatric survivors and other vulnerable
people who have already experienced more hurt than any human should have
to. We now face the prospect of being criminalized and our humanity negated
over circumstances over which we have no control and have been given no say
- and the majority of the taxpaying public have been brainwashed into
supporting this abuse. 

Municipal bylaws which would criminalize people forced to panhandle or
wield a squeegee are already being considered. Psychiatric survivors face
the possibility of mandatory 'community treatment orders' involving forced
drugging, to be enforced by the 'assertive community treatment teams'
already being put into place. Welfare recipients face fingerprinting,
forced labor and intensive policing - and legislation is pending which
would bar said workers from joining a union or participating in collective
bargaining or fighting for health/seafety protection! And we are supposed
to 'play nice' with those who enact or defend these practices?

'Play nice'? I don't think so!  As long as this crap is being inflicted on
my sisters and brothers my policy towards those who practice or support
this activity will be 'zero tolerance.' And it certainly isn't limited to
Ontario although the changes for the worse have been much more rapid and
extreme here than many places.

Graeme Bacque
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