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Tom Boland (
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 17:37:57 -0700 (PDT)

Jennafer Waggoner <> asked:
>Does anyone have any information on the micro-radio station that was
>closed down in San Rafael by the FCC?

Food Not Bombs participates in a network of microradio stations.
So consider reposting your query to <>

Also refer to the Free Radio Network (micropower broadcasters) at: Contact: <>

You could post your qeury to Newsgroup as well.  You can
search for and post to this (or any) Newsgroup via Deja News at:

Free Speech TV at might also give you
leads, since some practicioners in alternative TV have contacts with
alternative radio broadcasters.

You could post your qeury to Newsgroup as well.  You can
search for and post to this (or any) newsgroup via Deja News at:

Finally, try the Deja News "search filter" at:
Use the search-string "San Rafeal AND FCC AND micro" exactly as written,
without the quotes.  If that search-string doesn't work, try mixing and
matching other related words such as "pirate radio","free radio",
"micropower" & "microbroadcast".  Make sure to separate each word with a
capitalized "AND".  Or search for each concept word separately.

Deja News is a supurb general resource for searching Usenet posts.  For
example, you can type in someone's email address, and find all the posts
which they've sent to Newsgroups on Usenet.

Internet search engines may also prove useful.  I recommend Infoseek at:   You can use Infoseek to do filtered searches,
starting with one search word, then narrowing the results using additional
search words.

For searching related news articles on this or any topic, try American
Journalism Review's "AJR NewsLink" search at:  Type your search words into the line
that reads "Search Other News Sites".

I hope this helps, Jennafer.--Tom

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