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Subject:      TENANT HOTLINE
From:         Jimmy.Jones@elf.tor250.org (Jimmy Jones)
Date:         1998/06/13
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The Federation of Metro Tenants Associations is the only major
Tenants' Rights group representing the 3.2 Million tenants of Ontario.

We answer on average 120 calls to our Tenant Hotline every day!!!
If you have questions about discrimination against tenants who are charged
4 times as much property tax as home and condo owners by the cities,
about evictions, illegal rents and increases, bad maintenance, privacy
issues, etc., call our hotline at (416) 921-9494. Support our fight
to keep rent controls and prevent skyrocketing rents by joining the
Federation for only $15 a year. Together we are strong!

On March 12, 1998, the City of Toronto Committee On Homelessness And
Socially Isolated Persons recommended to the Community and Neighbourhood
Services Committee that funding be provided to the Federation of Metro
Tenants Associations to set up an Internet Web Site to give legal advice
to the 3.2 Million tenants of Ontario. After 3 months there still has
been no action taken to fund such a necessary service, nor other
necessary services such as a toll-free 1-800 tenant legal advice line a
service badly needed by the tenants of Ontario.

Landlords are already evicting thousands of tenants thanks to the Harris
government. Rents are skyrocketing. Tenants need to know their rights.

Tenants call and fax the mayor and your city councillors and demand that
they fund these important and absolutely necessary services.  Their
phone number are in the beginning of the blue page section in your
white pages phone book.
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