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>"In politics, the central and fundamental problem is the problem of
>power.  Who is to exercise power?  And by what means, by what
>authority, with what purpose in view, and under what controls?
>Yes, under what controls?  For, as history has made it abundantly
>clear, to possess power is _ipso_facto_ to be tempted to abuse it.

Actually, as far as I'm concerned this kind of power involving control over
the lives of other human beings _is _ abusive - period; no ifs, ands or
buts. The issue isn't whether or not abuse will take place because within
this framework it is unavoidable. the only issue is to what degree it will
occur - and in a society which glorifies this kind of power in the way this
one does, you can generally expect the worst. 

Just my $.02 worth... no doubt you'll be wanting change.
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