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"In politics, the central and fundamental problem is the problem of
power.  Who is to exercise power?  And by what means, by what
authority, with what purpose in view, and under what controls?
Yes, under what controls?  For, as history has made it abundantly
clear, to possess power is _ipso_facto_ to be tempted to abuse it.
In mere self-preservation we must create and maintain institutions
that make it difficult for the powerful to be led into those
temptations which, succumbed to, transform them into tyrants at
home and imperialists abroad."
  --Aldous Huxley, "The Politics of Population," originally
    published in Center Magazine (Center for the Study of
    Democratic Institutions), reprinted as Ecology Center Reprint 7,
    Ecology Center Bookstore, 2179 Allston Way, Berkeley CA 94704.

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