police face hostility when they remove street children: Durban

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 17:42:51 -0700 (PDT)

FWD  African National Congress


     DURBAN [South Africa] - June 8 1998

Some 30 street children are identified in Durban every day through the
SA police services' street children project.

The project was initiated by Captain Ina Scholtz and Sergeant Marc
Grondein, working closely with the Durban Street Children Forum,
Durban Child Welfare, Durban city police, the Justice Department and
non-governmental organisations.

Police spokesman Captain Vishnu Naidoo on Monday said the children
identified were removed from the streets and were either reunited with
their families or accommodated elsewhere.

Naidoo said although the project proved successful, the functional
people were not getting the public support and they were experiencing
hostility by members of the public when taking away children from the

"We earnestly appeal to the public not to hinder the project team in
their functions but rather assist them in their endeavour to provide
the children with an opportunity for a better lifestyle and future,"
Naidoo said.

Some children and in some cases infants were used by their parents to
promote begging on the streets and the project team had identified
some of these parents.

Naidoo said some of those parents had decent homes and had steady
incomes from one of the spouses working.

"We want to warn these parents that they are committing a criminal act
and they can be charged in terms of the Child Care Act," Naidoo said.


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