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Subject: health care and welfare reform -Reply

Hi Monica,

You might look at South Carolina's two recent excellent studies of welfare
leavers.  For example, of cases closed in 1st Qtr 1997:

+ACo- 65 percent worked at the time of the follow-up interview

+ACo- 37 percent of the adults were covered by any insurance+ADs- and only one in
five of those covered adults were covered by employers (further responses
dealt with the question of who pays for that coverage).

+ACo- 81 percent of the children were said to be covered, but only one in eight
of those had private coverage.

+ACo- 10 percent of cases reported being unable to get needed medical care for
someone in their home at some point since leaving welfare.  By contrast, 4
percent said that they had been similarly unable to get care when they
still were on welfare.

The report is +ACI-Survey of Former Family Independence Program Clients: Cases
Closed During January through March 1997.+ACI-  An earlier report asked similar
questions for the previous quarter.  Contact Ann Wages at 803-737-9020.

Hope this helps+ACE-


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Does anyone know of any research that has been done on health care benefits
being offered to welfare recipients once they are employed? Texas offers
transitional Medicaid benefits up to a certain number of months once they
are employed, but I'd like to know-- of the jobs they are being placed in,
how many of them offer health benefits and what sort of coverage are they