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Yes it will (has)and in many places simply creates a source of cheap labor.
In any other time an attempt to create a labor system in this manner was
called an indentured servant-hood, or a slave labor force with a stipend to
ease the conscience.  Why do we call it any thing else in this time?


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Dear Welfare Reform Research: Do you think I am correct on this? That
welfare-to-work will become, more and more, just a clever repackaging of
workfare, especially as workfare becomes highly unpopular? In other words
it will just be a matter of having companies issue the workfare cheques
for the same forced labor program instead of government offices?

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On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, John Drury wrote:

+AD4- Against this, critics such as our local campaign group (the activities of
+AD4- I have detailed in a previous mailing to this list) argued:
+AD4- 1, The ten pounds is so pathetic that it made no difference - this was
+AD4- still work-for-dole. Moreover, many of the victims had to travel to work
+AD4- lost most of the ten pounds through the expenses they incurred.
+AD4- 2, Some of the work would, indeed, receive a wage in other circumstances,
+AD4- and certain organizations seemed to be saving money by employing
+AD4- dole-slaves to tidy their premises etc. rather than paying someone to do
it. In
+AD4- Edinburgh, claimants on 'Project Work' were working in rest homes and
+AD4- hospitals+ACE- Moreover we also argued, that even if the work was not
+AD4- one that people would receive a wage for, forced labour set  bad
+AD4- for employment practice and was the slippery slope to job substitution.
I break up long essays like this because short postings are more likely
to be read and long periods of concentrating on this screen are
stressful, too.
   I think that phrase has to be repeated over and over in all postings
on all lists concerning all forms of forced work-for-welfare. It is
FORCED labour. And it is illegal (in international law) and immoral. It
can also be fairly called proto-fascist or an inroad into
reinstitutionalizing slavery. Th rhetoric, well used can help the cause.
   There are two major forms of work-for-welfare that I am aware of. Does
anyone else know of any others?
(1) People forced into +ACI-work gangs+ACI-. This is usually called workfare.
(2) People forced into what is called welfare-to-work. This forces people
into existing jobs in the work world which may be set up as minimum wage,
make-work projects masquerading as free-enterprise, free-market jobs.
I think this is Clinton's clever plan via his welfare-to-work. Give the
pogy to the big businesses who will set up make-work projects, ie
workfare, under another name+ACE- Isn't capitalism grand?