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On 1998/06/05 in DejaNews article <6l9gjn$2lq$1@paxfeed.eni.net> 
Joel Melchor <jmelchor@ibgcf.org> wrote:

Subject: How do these things relate to each other and our place in          

> I was just curious as to what everyone else out there thinks about 
how, if at all, the following things relate to each other and our place 
in society:
> 1. Jerry Springer
> 2. High priced education - low paying entry level jobs
> 3. Rap music and gang violence
> 4. Government defense spending
> 5. Homelessness
> 6. MTV's Heroin chic

Joel Melchor


On Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:50:00 [EST] Tedrico Latham <tedrico@hotmail.com> 

If the gang members would look at rap music as a means of making 
money instead of an incentive to prepare for a drive-by shooting or set 
the mood for a session of heroine packaging and cooking crack, then 
Jerry Springer would not have an audience for uncensored shows 
pertaining to sex, drugs, and violence while at the same time, there 
would be less people homeless because of drugs, which would mean a 
reduction in the homelessness rate and an increase in people capable of 
thinking and thus, excelling in academics to the point that they would 
be eligible for scholarships and usually miss out on having to pay for 
high priced education; and as a result of this, would 
probably obtain a degree in their fields of study which would make 
them better able to obtain high paying jobs instead of low paying 
ones but whether all of these chain reactions take place or not ..... 
the government will always continue to spend, Spend, SPEND on 
anything pertaining to the issue of DEFENSE! I don't consider 
myself a Gen-Xer but I liked the challenge of completely answering 
the question! Nuff said!

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:27:27 -0400 (EDT) John C Lindsay 
<jclind1@sac.uky.edu> remarked:

I did not see the jest of such a message. For one thing, gangs have 
always been a part of American society: in the colonies, the wild West, 
KKK and other hate groups (currently distributing drugs according to the 
Southern Poverty Law center), the Mafia (one of the first gangs to 
organize the distribution of drugs), etc.

While many groups are attempting to address the violence of both rap and 
heavy metal, little if anything, is ever said publicly about the owners 
of music companies which distribute this music. As long as these 
companies pay for this type of music, the destructive types of rap and 
heavy metal (not all rap or metal is violent), will continue to be 

Secondly, your reply makes it appear that only gang members, which 
the public thinks only includes Blacks and Hispanics (thanks to 
mis-information by the media), distributes drugs. What about the Mafia? 
What about the people who have the money to smuggle drugs 
into this country? The vast majority of smugglers are not Black or 

Thirdly, there are more people stuck in low-paying jobs because of 
discrimination than drug addiction. And what about veterans who are 
homeless due to the inability to cope with the "demons of war?"

Fourthly, while the post was labeled as a "fun chance to....," it 
only serves to continue the perpetuation of mis-understanding concerning 
the reasons people are homeless and/or stuck in 
low-income paying jobs.

Last, but not least, if only gang members were watching Jerry Springer, 
the show would not be broadcast.



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