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Dear Friends --

Thanks to Mark Hundley for noting the incorrect URL website address I
for the "Sorting Out Welfare Reform" section of yesterday's post to
COMMACTIONLIST !!  Apologies for any frustration you may have experienced
a result.

The complete paragraph is reproduced below with a corrected URL.  If you
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Item B. Sorting Out Welfare Reform

We're indebted to Richard Saul, one of OCS's Senior Program Managers for
Demonstration Partnership Programs, for calling our attention to a helpful
collection of documents on Welfare Reform compiled by the McKnight
Foundation.  This material should prove very helpful to individuals and/or
agencies involved in any area of the national welfare reform effort.

Click on "Welfare Reform Outline" at the following website:


Some major topic areas covered:  Child Care, Transportation, Domestic
Violence, Community Economic Development, Partnerships' Sites, Work First,
Mentoring, Job Retention, Time Limits & Caseload Segmentation, Employers,
Employment and Training, Best Practices -- Papers & Online Links,
Financing, Faith Based Initiatives, Comprehensive Welfare Reform Sites,
Websites, Revolving Loan Funds, ETC.

Best wishes,  Dave Matthews      Internet address:  dmatthews@acf.dhhs.gov