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This is good, straight talk!  Pat Myers
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Generally, those who want to foist [force] Electroshock Treatment on
others do so because they make a living out of it and because it is a
way of effecting social control.  I suggest that more lawsuits be
directed at drs. and others who misrepresent themselves to the public
in the name of helping people with their "mental illness."  One cannot
reason with people who believe that coercion is medicine, ECT and
mental illness are science.  One has to speak to them in a language
they understand, i.e., the full force of the law.  Assertions that
people don't recognize their mental illness and therefore don't
recognize their "need" for ECT are fraudulent and those making such
assertions should be held legally accountable for assault and battery,
not to mention fraud and product liability.

 Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D. 
 Adjunct Professor, Department of Justice, Law and Society