Building Rehab Enforcement Practices: US survey/HUD USER 6/11/98

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Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:45:05 -0700 (PDT)

     FWD - NEW FROM HUD USER 6/11/98

     A National Survey of Rehabilitation Enforcement Practices is now
     available from the HUD USER website at:

     With the growing rehabilitation needs of the existing building stock
     in the nation's cities, there is a need to examine the building
     rehabilitation process nationwide. Rehabilitation has many financial,
     environmental, and historical benefits for communities. For example,
     it frequently allows cities to commit fewer financial resources
     financial resources to the development of city infrastructure,
     minimize the problems of removing building materials, and preserves
     buildings that are a part of a community's history and culture.
     Existing building code regulations were seen as an impediment to
     rehabilitation. As a result, HUD sought to facilitate the
     simplification of the regulation of construction practices in existing
     buildings by making recommendations for building code provisions to
     regulate rehabilitation construction.

     This report presents the findings of the National Survey of
     Rehabilitation Enforcement Practices, as well as information about the
     procedures of the study. It provides an important perspective that
     should be useful in future efforts to revise building codes and
     practices to further stimulate the conservation of the nation's
     existing building stock.

     Copies of A National Survey of Rehabilitation Enforcement Practices
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