Toronto poised to follow in U.S. footsteps

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Fri, 12 Jun 1998 05:04:00 -0400

Friday, June 12, 1998  The Toronto Sun

  Mayor vows crackdown on beggars

    Toronto council should impose restrictions on where beggars can
  panhandle, Mayor Mel Lastman said yesterday.

  A committee of Toronto councillors will look at a proposed bylaw
  next week that would ban people from panhandling within 10 metres
  of transit stops, booze stores, bank entrances and ATMs.

  Fashioned after a Vancouver bylaw, it would also prevent people from
  hitting up motorists for cash inside their cars.

  "I don't want to see panhandlers at all if it's at all possible," said

  "I don't buy this (argument) that they're going to go out and if they
  can't panhandle, they're going to steal. If they're going to steal, then
  they're going to go the hell to jail."

  Councillor Jack Layton said the proposed law is not the way to deal
  with panhandling. People beg because they don't have enough money
  for food, he said. 

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