Re: intolerant worldwide response to poverty and homelessness (fwd)

P. Myers (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 18:46:58 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for the reply, Tom...

I also think that netWorking with groups internationally who are treated
similarly is a good idea...fbn seems to do this, as does hpn when you post
the information you do about global exploitation and marginalization.  
Sharing strategies and taking action across artificial and imposed
identity and nation/state borders is one way to gain power and learn new
non-violent tactics.  Folks on hpn have done this in a way I haven't seen
before, and I'm on too many lists to count!

I don't think there's a plot out there among multinationalists, to abuse
homeless, (weeeeelllll...!) but I do think a couple of things.  I think
that the desire to conserve money transcends the moral sight, if you will,
of multinational decision-making, as well as treaties and alliances
developed to aid corprotocracies:  NAFTA, GATT, MAI, IMF, WB, WTO, OECD,
etc. the latter groups coflating democracy with capitalism. 

I also think that, in light of the power of the groups above, other
countries, hoping for loans, might be tempted to adopt Western habits... 
not because they are habits that are good for their populace, but because
by so doing, they might make themselves more attractive for loans
desperately needed.  And this knowlege *is a terrible form of
exploitation.  On some occasions, the WB will loan only under certain
(Westernized) conditions, even while professing that they are interested
in humane practices only.  Hmmmm.


"To live dangerously is to live
in the Borderland, where desire,
justice and love meet."
                    Henry Giroux