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Thu, 11 Jun 1998 17:41:46 -0700 (PDT)

At 7:36 PM -0000 6/10/98, P. Myers wrote:
>The entire piece gave the impression that homeless willingly refused to
>utilize space at existing shelters, preferring the encampments, and
>without the hint of interrogating how shelters might be failing to meet
>homeless needs, or act in opposition to same.  Another park rep said that
>the bulldozing of the Jungle was to *protect homeless, citing and
>exploiting the recent murders in this area, and failing to validate that
>the encampments themselves provide protection to residents, and help
>circumnavigate the abuse of power that often occurs in shelters.

It is frustrating.  Amazing how many people flunked math, isn't it?  5,000
homeless people minus 2500 shelter beds equals 2500 people who "willingly
refused to utilize space at existing shelters."  Like C.S. Lewis once
asked, what do they teach for logic in schools these days?

And if you check the locations where the bodies of recent murder victims
were found, they were not even "on the borders" of the Jungle.  They were
half a mile or so from the Jungle, and if they were transported there from
somewhere else -- as they expect -- it could have been from anywhere.  One
member of WHEEL has said that she met the suspect -- he was "cruising" in
Pioneer Sqaure, a much more likely place to pick up victims than the
Jungle.  Nobody in the Mayor's office, however, has yet made suggestions to
bulldoze Pioneer Square.

A friend of mine once said, "You know you've really lost it when you can no
longer logically justify doing what you want to do," meaning that the power
of rationalization is a basic quality of the human mind lost only in
advanced cases of senility or brain damage.  Politicians are especially apt
at using anything to justify doing exactly what they wanted to do in the
first place.

Thanks for your letter, Pat -- and Tedrico, Tom, and all of you.

I gotta head backhup to camp. I'll keep you posted!

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