Anti-begging bylaw proposed in Toronto

Graeme Bacque (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 19:48:28 -0400

The text of the proposal reads (in part):

Whereas the number of panhandlers has increased and
leads to many complaints form citizens whose free
passage is impeded and whose personal safety is
threatened by the aggressive behaviour of panhandlers.:

Therefore be it resolved that the City of Toronto
draft a by-law similar in nature to By-Law No
7885(Panhandling by-law) enacted by the City of
Vancouver on April 30,1998 , to the effect that;
1. No person shallpanhandle within 10 meters of a
transit stop and shelter, an entrance to the subway
system, the entrance of a bank, credit union or trust
company, an automated teller machine, the entrance to
a liquor store.
2. No person shall panhandle from an occupant of a
motor vehicle which is parked , stopped at a traffic
control signal, or standing temporarily for the
purpose of a loading and unloading;
3. No person shall panhandle on a street at any time
between sunset and sunrise;
4. No person shall sit or lie on a sidewalk or any
other way normally open to the use of the public,
including a park, for the purpose of panhandling;
5. No person shall continue to panhandle on a street
from a person after that person has made a negative
6. Every person who offends against any provision of
the by-law , or who suffers or permits the
contravention of a the by-law , shall be liable to a
fine and penalty;