Re: Tent City II: EMAIL & URLs for Seattle officials involved

P. Myers (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 19:51:44 -0700 (PDT)

Tom, Gwen and Virginia, thanks!  I've just sent email to the three
mentioned below.  I hope many more hpn'ers do the same!  

It's always helpful to have email addresses, in order to reach out and let
those in power know that they *are in the public eye, and are being

Pat Myers

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Tom Boland wrote:

> Gwen wrote about Seattle's planned "Jungle homeless"  sweeps:
> >Remind Mayor Schell that just last week he was pointing out that there are
> >many more homeless people than beds. Ask him where he expects these folks
> >to go. Perhaps you all could suggest suggest that his actions might be
> >viewed as hypocritical.
> Gwen, thanks for supplying some URLs for contacting Seattle Officials.
> Below, I append some more info, including eamil addresses to write.
> Does anyone have *snail-mail addresses for the Seattle officials involved?
> *Mayor Paul Schell
> City of Seattle Mayor's Office E-mail
> -
> Email the Mayor at <>
> *Tom Byers in the Mayor's Office, 206-684-4000 [email address not listed;
> who has it?]
> --possibly rachable at the Mayor's email address--
> "Tom Byers, Deputy Mayor. Mr. Byers will focus on issues and projects
> dealing with health and human services, housing,community development,
> neighborhoods, planning, the arts, Seattle Center, the Seattle Public
> Library, and intergovernmental relations. He is currently heading up the
> Mayor's Affordable Housing Action Agenda initiative and March 21 Community
> Housing Conference. Byers is the founder of Cedar River Associates, a
> consulting service for projects in the public interest in the fields of
> health, human services, environmental policy and community planning. He
> also served as Special Assistant to Mayor Charles Royer from 1980-1990. His
> Executive Assistant is Julia Mayes."
> City of Seattle - City Government DIRECTORY
> which links to official's EMAIL
> and other contact info at
> *Ken  Bounds, Director of the Parks Department, 206-684-8021, and
> Parks Department Info - Superintendent: Ken Bounds
> Email: <>
> *City Council Parks Committee Chairperson Nick Licata, 206-684-8803
> E-mail: <>
> Seattle City Council Home Page
> I hope this info (which comes from a few of us) will be helpful for your
> homeless civil rights campaign in Seattle. -- Tom Boland
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